Customer Story: Dempsey increases organizational efficiencies by partnering with Salesforce and CopperHill

Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply was running business as usual when it started undergoing conversations with Salesforce about how to take the company to the next level. They had a CRM with custom integrations that worked, custom reports being generated, and sales processes in place. So why mess with a good thing?

Dempsey saw the benefits of Salesforce

Kristin Dempsey, VP of Operations at Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, knew the move from Goldmine, Dempsey’s current CRM, to Salesforce was inevitable.

“We knew we’d have to move to a cloud-based CRM eventually, and we knew Salesforce is the best one out there,” said Dempsey.

Citing a sleek, intuitive user interface, a great mobile app, and what seemed like unbounded setup and integration flexibility as reasons to move forward with Salesforce, Dempsey made the jump and kicked off an implementation project.

Working with CopperHill

After several conversations with Salesforce explaining Dempsey’s needs, Salesforce recommended that Dempsey work with CopperHill, and gave no other partner recommendations. While this seemed like a random – albeit lucky – choice for Dempsey, Salesforce was very aware of CopperHill’s knowledge of the Salesforce clouds, integration experience, and reporting capabilities.

Scoping and discovery conversations were critical to the success of the project. It was during this time that Kristin Dempsey was able to convey with emphasis the importance of their custom integrations and reporting. Dempsey says that it wasn’t until the team was connected to CopperHill that she really believed someone wanted to know what she wanted to do with her data. CopperHill was truly interested in understanding her business and understanding the value this technology could bring.

It was also where CopperHill identified a few gaps in Salesforce’s standard product. Features critical to Dempsey’s current operations did not meet their functionality requirements. CopperHill worked vigorously to find apps, plug-ins, and our own proprietary product, CopperHill AIR, to bridge that gap and deliver a full solution that Dempsey’s team could use.

“CopperHill has such a diverse and qualified team that they have been able to handle the functionality Dempsey needs to make this a valuable CRM for us,” explains Kristin Dempsey.

How the implementation made an impact

Saved time. Increased effectiveness. Exposed insights.

Thanks to Kristin Dempsey’s and her team’s attention to detail, they had a completely seamless transition from Goldmine to Salesforce. They worked closely with CopperHill to arrange the system and describe how actions and workflows should take place, what objects should exist, and where to find them. Though Salesforce was new, it felt familiar and was intuitive to the users. In fact, there hasn’t been a single issue raised by the users since roll out.

By switching from Goldmine to Salesforce, Dempsey can harness the power of cloud technology. The Sales team is able to access their CRM anywhere through the Salesforce app or the website – allowing them to add notes and update activities while they travel. This gives Kristin Dempsey better, more accurate data. The Salesforce platform is much more powerful than what they had with Goldmine in terms of automations and integrations that they can add more information into their system at a much faster pace.

While Salesforce’s standard reporting capabilities at first seemed like a limitation, it really opened a wide door for Dempsey. It gave them CopperHill’s Advanced Intelligent Reporting (AIR) tool made up of an integration connector: AIR Connect, data warehouse: AIR Warehouse, and analytics dashboard: AIR Intel.

The AIR Connect piece pulls all the data from Dempsey’s CRM and ERP into the AIR Warehouse. This keeps their CRM and ERP technologies running smoothly and as they were designed to run: as transactional systems, not analytical tools. The AIR Warehouse stores a read-only copy of the data which is optimal for reporting and analytics. AIR Connect runs automatically to make sure the AIR Warehouse is up to date. AIR Intel turns the data into information such as charts, graphics, trend lines, custom views, automated reporting on data across Dempsey’s CRM and ERP.

With AIR in place, Dempsey has better visibility into the Sales pipeline. The reporting is more advanced and flexible than what they had before, including the ability to set and change filters, date ranges, roll up and summarize data.

AIR gives them the capability to connect even more systems as they advance other areas of their business. Up next? Territory Management to help monitor sales effectiveness and Pardot to automate marketing activities. Integrating these with AIR brings the sales, marketing, and operations into one clear image.

CopperHill AIR

Why Dempsey & CopperHill make good partners

Dempsey is very aware of the importance of having technologies that support business and operations. They invest in integrations to have better transparency and a clearer view into the company activity and successes.

“This is what makes Dempsey such a great partner for us. Kristin Dempsey has a forward looking and strategic vision, which is a great characteristic of an executive sponsor. The team is always in search of ways to improve the company’s processes and make their business more efficient to meet their customer needs. They embrace technology and understand the value it can bring to the success of their business and the efficiency of their team,” says John McCloskey, Co-Founder and CEO at CopperHill.

Dempsey found CopperHill’s interest in understanding their business: their challenges, processes, and goals, to be even more valuable than our experience working with Salesforce, integrations, and business intelligence. They believe the CopperHill team truly understood the business and understood the value of the technology they were building.

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