As a registered consulting partner of, we can help you leverage the power of the whole platform to best fit your business needs.

consulting partner

We are experts in a variety of solutions. Here are some that we commonly use to help our customers:

Sales Cloud

By adopting a common sales solution across your organization, you can eliminate many of the time-consuming, albeit necessary, tasks associated with selling. Many companies struggle with fragmented customer data, difficulty in monitoring product offerings and inventory, complicated pricing processes, longer sales cycles, inconsistent or inaccurate sales material, and the inability to easily track their sales pipeline.

CopperHill Consulting can help you eliminate much of the tedious repetitive work, freeing up your salespeople to do what they do best – sell your company’s products and services.

Service Cloud

You may have a great product or service, but that is only half of the success equation. Customer service is critical in your overall success and reputation in the marketplace.

When considering the characteristics of a successful business, you need to look past the typical benchmarks of revenue and reactive customer service and focus in on the concept of positive sentiment. What can you do to reinforce and trigger good feelings from a customer? That is when customer service transitions to customer experience.

CopperHill Consulting can work with you to implement an omni-channel service experience around phone, web, chat, social, and field service that will increase customer satisfaction, retention, and overall customer experience.


Is it time to upgrade your marketing tools and begin to harness the power of a marketing automation platform? Pardot is the B2B marketing solution from CopperHill Consulting has the experience to help your organization successfully implement and support a Pardot automated marketing solution.

We offer three Pardot Quickstart packages to get you up and running quickly.  We can also continue to support your efforts with our Pardot support services. Start empowering your marketing and sales teams to generate more leads.

CopperHill Pulse

Research has shown that beyond their initial rollout, many companies fail to maximize the ROI in the ever-expanding and platform™.  With CopperHill Pulse, our experienced team will help you to unlock the potential of the platform and integrate its capabilities into your day-to-day sales and service operations.

75% of salesforce clients we engage with receive measurable value from understanding what they can do with increased functionality.  

Our approach can helps your organization in these areas:

  • Jump start your team’s involvement in using salesforce the right way.
  • Provide a real-time, integrated mechanism to increase employee knowledge and effectiveness in using
  • Increase your employee engagement in the processes you need completed.
  • Create an ongoing and interactive learning environment for your team.
  • Switch from reactive to proactive motivation of your team using data generated within your solution.
  • Access higher quality and more accurate information to make better decisions.


Great training supports a company’s business goals and helps to maximize its software investment by being relevant. Our focus is on translating those key business processes into training strategies and curriculum. A strong training program is needed to ensure maximum effectiveness and adoption for all users.

  • Customized Training Plans
  • Remote & On-site training
  • Support & Adoption measurement
  • Follow up and evaluation