Our Approach

Let’s begin by defining how we will work with you.

CopperHill Consulting uses a unique engagement methodology that derives value for our clients. First, we begin by focusing on the business needs and challenges. Using that knowledge, we then define an approach and solution that will best respond to your specific business.


Each project we do for a client is completely customized to their business. From scoping through solution design and configuration, everything we do is based specifically on their needs and challenges. Using that knowledge, we then define an approach and build solution that is designed to solve those unique challenges and meet their needs.

Phase 1:
Initial Discovery Meetings
Initial discovery meetings to introduce both sides and determine if there is a mutual fit.  CopperHill would like to learn more about your business and project to identify how we are able to engage and plan next steps.
Phase 2:
Scoping Discussions
To be able to provide an accurate proposal or quote for your project, CopperHill conducts one or multiple sessions (depending on the complexity of the project) to gather enough information.  These sessions could include general business process questions or technical conversations depending on the project scope.  Follow-up questionnaires to gather additional details may be needed.  This is a crucial step in our process as it gives us a better understanding of your project to accurately estimate and provide you the best solution possible for initial rollout and future success.
Phase 3:
SOW Delivery & Review
After CopperHill gathers enough information, our team will deliver a statement of work that details the scope, timeline, and cost for your project.  After we deliver this document, we like to set up a call to review this document together.  On this call, we walk through the SOW together, make sure we captured everything correctly, and answer any questions you might have.  After this call, we can make any adjustments needed.  Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable with the SOW before starting the project.
Phase 4:
SOW Execution & Handoff to Delivery
Once our SOW is fully executed, our sales team begins the process of handing your project off to delivery.  Your consulting team is assigned and internal meetings are held to bring them up to speed on your project.  Your sales contact will be working to coordinate the initial kickoff call to officially start the project.
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