Take Your Care Coordination and Patient Engagement to New Levels with Health Cloud


Take Your Care Coordination and Patient Engagement to New Levels with Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud can help you deliver the best experience for your patients, partners, and customers. Read more to learn about the benefits of upgrading to Health Cloud: 

Time Savings

Migrating to Health Cloud is the ultimate time-saver for you and your company. Salesforce Health Cloud offers the ability to “speed up” integration with HLS systems through their pre-built elements and objects. These offer a time to value increase: less customization inside Salesforce means easier maintenance and more flexible enhancements.

Easier Integration with HLS Systems

Not only does Health Cloud help you save time, but it is also easy to integrate! Salesforce understands the importance of Interoperability in HLS. To support this, Health Cloud uses industry standard data models, including one that is FHIR aligned. This new data model is built entirely on the core platform to offer more standard, HLS-centered objects to connect all of your HLS systems (EHR, EMR, and ERP). This allows you to identify new opportunities and processes to automate.

Integrating Health Cloud with your HLS systems gives your company clear access and insights into your patient details and history. Health Cloud can bring all your patient intake, demographic, referral, and other relevant data together to help you deliver the best experience for your patients, partners, and customers.

New Features and Enhancements

Salesforce is growing and enhancing their products by investing in “Industries.” With an upgrade to Health Cloud, you’ll benefit from industry research and development, new features, and opportunities for growth. Along with these investments, Salesforce is releasing new products such as Health Cloud Community license to support patient, customer, and partner portals.

Patient Timeline
Sample: Health Cloud Patient Timeline

Who is a Good Fit for Health Cloud?

If you’re interested in tracking any of the following, then Health Cloud is a smart investment for you!

  • Patient acquisition
  • Patient marketing campaigns
  • Patient relationship management and engagement
  • Physician recruitment and outreach
  • Patient surveys and assessments
  • Care plan management
  • Patient risk stratification
  • Patient conversion
  • Health coaching
  • Medical device sales

With Health Cloud, it is easy for all team members involved in patient care coordination to access the data needed for effective patient engagement. Salesforce Health Cloud has streamlined platforms, customizable dashboards, and is an overall easy to use system. It’s also a great tool for the care team that surrounds and supports patients. 

Connected Patient Journey

Getting Started

Upgrading to Health Cloud is easier than it may seem, you can leverage the investment you made in your existing Salesforce org and migrate or convert to Health Cloud. 

At CopperHill we are Health Cloud experts, but we are also integration experts. AIR Connect, a middleware tool, makes sharing data across Salesforce orgs easy and affordable if data migration is necessary. AIR Connect can help populate leads, fill data gaps, map data, and help clients pull in past data. 

Data migration can be a nightmare, but by using AIR Connect, it doesn’t have to be.

Health Cloud in Action:

We have a large collection of customer stories that we are very proud of. One such story is our work with Health Incite. Health Incite purchased Salesforce Health Cloud and signed on to work with CopperHill to customize Salesforce and integrate it with Elation Health EHR. This upgrade to Health Cloud allowed Health Incite to use Action Plans, a feature of Health Cloud, to ensure all the necessary onboarding steps are taken in the correct order and the appropriate follow ups are completed in a timely manner.

Health Incite’s digital transformation of its patient intake and onboarding process gives Healthcare providers all the information they need to provide excellent care for the patient’s first visit, and gives the Health Incite team accurate information to support the patient’s ongoing membership.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how Health Cloud can take your patient and care management to new levels.