Customer Story: Health Incite improves patient management with Salesforce and Elation integration

Elation logoCompany: Health Incite
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Provider / Patient Care
Headquarters: California
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, AIR Connector, 123 Form Builder


Health Incite is a high-end, concierge medical provider. It offers access to physicians, functional health assessments, wellness retreats, nutritionists, care plans, and similar services to its members. The company uses Elation as its EMR and are very satisfied with the product to track patients’ clinical details. However, the team needed a tool to manage patient intake, memberships, communications, and follow ups. They saw Salesforce as the right fit to fill this gap.

Health Incite purchased Salesforce Health Cloud and signed on to work with CopperHill to customize Salesforce and integrate it with Elation. 

Salesforce-AIR Connect-Elation

Streamlined Patient Intake & Onboarding

Before purchasing Salesforce, Health Incite did not have a formalized, digital patient intake process. CopperHill configured Lead Management to collect prospective patient details, whether they reached out through the Health Incite website or phone number. The team can now easily reach out to these prospective patients and convert them to active patients when they are ready to schedule their first visit. 

Once a prospective patient books their first visit with Health Incite, they begin the patient onboarding journey. The team uses Action Plans, a feature of Health Cloud, to ensure all the necessary onboarding steps are taken in the correct order and the appropriate follow ups are completed in a timely manner. This used to require patients fill out paper forms in person, and then that information was manually entered into Elation. Now, everything is done digitally and in advance of their first visit, making the patient experience more streamlined. CopperHill set up 123 Form Builder to capture patient signatures and questionnaire responses with automatic integration of that information into Salesforce.

123 Form Builder logo

CopperHill built automations to create a new patient record in Elation after a patient’s onboarding journey is complete. Relevant information captured during onboarding – such as personal details and medical history – is securely passed into the Elation patient record from Salesforce through AIR Connector, CopperHill’s middleware tool. Additionally, any new patient created in Elation is pushed back into Salesforce as a new patient record. Changes to patient emails or contact details in Elation are shared back with Salesforce, and vice-versa, to guarantee accurate record keeping.

Health Incite’s digital transformation of its patient intake and onboarding process gives Healthcare providers all the information they need to provide excellent care for the patient’s first visit, and gives the Health Incite team accurate information to support the patient’s ongoing membership.

Salesforce Health Cloud Dashboard
Sample: Salesforce Health Cloud Dashboard

Targeted Patient Outreach through Integration

The Salesforce-Elation integration doesn’t stop at creating new patient records. AIR Connector pulls appointments, medications, visit notes, and non-visit notes as read-only records into Salesforce. This provides Health Incite with a better, more holistic overview of their patient members without risking any human errors that could modify or erase that clinical data.

Health Incite employees can use all the features of Salesforce to easily manage patient relationships and improve patient outreach by having this information available to them. Action Plans, Tasks, Automations, and Patient Timelines help care coordinators to follow up with patients for scheduling appointments and sending reminders, to offer support in filling prescriptions, and to check-in with patients during procedure recovery. It reminds the team to check in with patient members at specific frequencies and encourage regular engagement. 

As Health Incite’s services expand, the team can easily share updates and recommend new offerings that might be of interest to its patient members. The Health Incite team also uses Life Events, such as having a child or getting married, to add personal touches to their patient communications.

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Improved Revenue and Sales Forecasting

Health Incite is a membership-based provider, offering different benefits for different tiers of its membership. But not all prospective patients are ready to sign up for a membership right away. First time patients have the option to sign up for a health assessment, giving them the chance to interact with Health Incite, learn more about the organization, and meet with a physician to discuss treatment options and personalized care plans. 

Implementing Salesforce gives the Health Incite team clear visibility into which first-time patients have not yet signed up for memberships and helps focus sales efforts to convert those one-time patients to members. Salesforce also offers the team an easy way to view and reach out to patients whose membership may be expiring soon, giving them the opportunity to renew without any lapses or late payments, or modify their membership to better meet their healthcare needs. 

Additionally, the Elation-Salesforce integration lets the Health Incite team use Salesforce’s powerful reporting capabilities with data from Elation. This offers a lot of transparency into which services, treatments, and procedures are performed, and what revenue Health Incite will earn from those. It also gives Health Incite the ability to track physician referrals for new members, and report on those referrals. 

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