Digital Health Management (DHM) Scales their Business with CopperHill and Salesforce

Medical ApplicationA Digital Health Management (DHM) Company Scales their Business with CopperHill and Salesforce

Company Type: Digital Health Management (DHM)
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Hospice Care / Home Health / Digital Health
Products Purchased: Health Cloud and Salesforce Shield


We recently worked with a digital health management company revolutionizing how people with chronic conditions manage their health through a digital therapeutics platform. Accessible as an application, their platform and suite of solutions deliver personalized care. This care is driven by data analytics and one-on-one coaching for issues such as diabetes, hypertension, weight management, musculoskeletal pain, and behavioral health.

This company caters not only to individual consumers but also extends their services to employer insurance and health plans, fostering a connected approach to healthcare accessibility and wellness.

Health Insurance


Health Cloud LogoSalesforce Integration

The DHM Company was enrolling members faster than it could bring in the appropriate support staff. It needed a platform that could scale quickly and efficiently. The primary objective was to migrate the DHM’s internal operations into Salesforce, specifically consolidating services within Salesforce Health Cloud.

CopperHill Consulting combined the DHM’s existing Salesforce orgs into Health Cloud to create one single source of truth. This provided the DHM with a full 360 degree view of client engagement from beginning to end using Health Cloud native features. We provided coaches tools to document risks, set goals, and overall improve their coach to member communication channel. This involved optimizing processes and validating data to ensure a smooth transition and high user adoption.

Sample Patient Timeline
Sample: Health Cloud Patient Timeline

User Groups and In App Messaging

Our integration of the DHM application into Salesforce has significantly enhanced sales forecasting and quota management for the DHM commercial team. Additionally, this integration has facilitated the employer onboarding process by streamlining enrollment and introducing customized checklists.

With a substantial number of registered members, our primary objective was to give the DHM the ability to efficiently onboard new clients, enroll members, and enable coaches to provide timely support precisely when it’s needed the most.

We focused on implementing diverse user groups within the DHM. From client success teams managing company benefits to member services handling enrollment and eligibility, our implementation strategies aimed at providing a unified platform for optimal functionality and user experiences.

Chat IconAnother factor of our implementation was the integration of in-app messaging to improve communication between the DHM’s members and coaches. We used our experience with integrating various clinical data sources to enable comprehensive care plans, clinical assessments, and high-alert notifications for health coaches. These notifications were designed to escalate service level agreement (SLA) breaches, proactively notify coaches, and differentiate between types of support.

Our technical team’s work resulted in asynchronous messaging for health coaches, increasing member engagement and building a more personalized and responsive healthcare ecosystem.

Data Privacy and Member Assignments

CopperHill collaborated closely with the DHM to establish robust data privacy measures. Complex permission structures, role delineations, and sharing rules were designed to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring compliance with privacy standards, especially for personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI).

The intricate process involves a single coach managing thousands of active members. Coaches must be assigned within a tight 3-minute timeframe, bridging external systems to Salesforce and back to the DHM. To determine the best assignment, coach qualifications such as language or supported products were used. Thus highlighting the complexity of the process.

Phase 2

The DHM’s goal is to ensure they remain at the forefront of digital health innovation.

Our future roadmap includes a strategic focus on device data integration and the incorporation of care observations. Along with these plans, we will also continue building on the efficiencies that the DHM currently has in place from Phase 1 so they are able to quickly and effectively scale with new clients.

Our partnership with the DHM signifies a transformative journey towards redefining healthcare delivery. By integrating Salesforce solutions and Health Cloud functionalities, we’ve enabled the DHM to optimize member services, elevate data management practices, and fortify privacy controls, ensuring scalability and operational efficiency.

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