Enhancing Member Engagement and Healthcare Management for a Digital Health Company

DHCEnhancing Member Engagement and Healthcare Management for a Digital Health Company

Company Type: Digital Health Company (DHC)
: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Healthcare Services – Digital Health
Products Purchased:  Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, Salesforce Shield, Salesforce Scheduler, Mobile Publisher, Digital Engagement, and Integration


Digital Health Company focuses on improving access and lowering the cost of healthcare through evidence-based care, processes, and technologies.


DHC faced several challenges, with the primary challenge being the build of the DHC platform to provide the DHC services. Prior to going live, DHC had no service offering implemented and thus we stepped in to help recruit new patients, track member progress effectively, and offer personalized virtual and in-person care. They wanted to utilize the Salesforce platform to solve these challenges and optimize their healthcare processes.


CopperHill, with their healthcare, Salesforce, and technology expertise, proposed a comprehensive solution that integrated different Salesforce tools to meet DHC’s requirements including:

  • Multifaceted platform for member-provider interaction within Salesforce’s native products.
  • Robust intake process captures demographic info, pain area, and medical history.
  • Appointment scheduling includes in-clinic or virtual care with Salesforce Scheduler and on-demand appointments via Salesforce Omni-Channel and doxy.me Telehealth platform.
  • At-home exercise management using Physitrack.
  • Communication with DHC Concierge through various channels (Salesforce Digital Engagement chat, SMS, phone, email).
  • Access to Care Plans through Salesforce Health Cloud with a custom-developed component.


Marketing Cloud for Awareness and Engagement:


Salesforce Marketing Cloud was used to generate interest among its clients’ employees and spread awareness about DHC’s services. Co-branded, personalized journeys and landing pages were created to encourage users to enroll with DHC, complete with a web-based chat for support powered by Digital Engagement. 

Marketing Cloud was also used to send reminders and encouragement to members who filled out initial assessments but didn’t proceed with further action. Periodic assessments helped track progress and recommend exercises for improvement.

Experience Cloud with Integrations for Member Portal

Experience Cloud logo

Once registered, individuals can access a branded community member portal powered by Salesforce Experience Cloud, including mobile applications and a publishing component. This member portal is accessible in both mobile and desktop browsers, as well as downloadable as a smartphone app for Android and Apple devices.

DHC’s member portal is integrated with PhysiTrack using middleware to offer on-demand remote exercises for patients. In this portal, members could track their progress, complete assigned programs, self-schedule appointments with licensed physical therapists, and receive recommendations from PTs to improve their conditions. Members can also chat directly with available PTs via Digital Engagement and Concierge support staff. 

Health Cloud for Healthcare Management:

Health Cloud Logo

DHC utilized Salesforce Health Cloud to manage member relationships and track engagement. With Health Cloud, DHC could monitor member activities, such as questionnaire completion and treatment progress, to ensure adherence and address any potential gaps in the care process.

Scheduler for Appointment Management: Salesforce Scheduler within Health Cloud was configured to accommodate resources like certified physical therapists and physical clinics, enabling seamless scheduling of virtual or in-person appointments based on member availability and clinic resources.


DHC’s collaboration with CopperHill and Salesforce proved successful in several aspects:

  • Increased awareness among eligible members about DHC’s services through personalized Marketing Cloud journeys.
  • Enhanced member engagement through the Experience Cloud powered member portal, which allows access to on-demand virtual PT and exercise libraries.
  • Improved member tracking and progress monitoring, encouraging adherence to assigned programs.
  • Streamlined appointment scheduling with the use of Health Cloud’s Scheduler feature.

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