Microsoft Access vs. CopperHill AIR Warehouse

I have worked with so many clients over the years that use Microsoft Access (MS Access) in ways that it was never meant to be used – as a data warehouse.

MS Access is a great tool when it is used as a form-driving application. It works best when only a single user, or a small group of users, is accessing the data at the time. However, I would not consider MS Access an option to store your company’s important information.

Size limits and corruption cause MS Access users a lot of problems – including losing their data forever – when they try to turn MS Access into a data warehouse or a high transactional database.


The best tool to enable you to combine and analyze your company’s data is a true object-relational database management system, like CopperHill’s AIR Warehouse.  Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of MS Access and AIR Warehouse.

FeatureMS AccessAIR Warehouse
PartitioningNot SupportedSupported
Data TypesLimitedUnlimited
Number of UsersLimitedUnlimited

We believe the AIR Warehouse is a much better choice for secure data storage and sharing than MS Access for a number of reasons, including its powerful memory management, its ability to run parallel processing, and partitioning capabilities. Partitioning allows better query performance, update performance, and speeds up bulk uploads and deletions.

In my opinion there is no comparison of MS Access to the AIR Warehouse. The AIR Warehouse is an object-relational database management system. AIR Warehouse is a scalable data warehouse that offers parallelism, ACID compliant, can support views, materialized views, functions and stored procedures.

By using a true object-relational database, you can better protect one of your company’s most valuable assets by restricting permissions and views so the right people are accessing the correct information. The AIR Warehouse can allow other applications to connect to it – Tableau, PowerBI, Qlickview, and Jaspersoft to name a few – to empower your employees to get better insights and more meaningful information from your company’s data.

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