Our Integration Expertise

Connecting the data you need, where you need it.
We are integration experts. CopperHill AIR Connector is CopperHill’s own middleware tool powered by Amazon Web Services. We combined best-in-breed products with our experience in CRM, data migration and storage, integration, healthcare, and other related technologies to provide a cloud-based solution for any integration need.

AIR Connector has the full functionality of the leading middleware products, but available for purchase at a fraction of the cost. Because AIR Connector is cloud-based, it can effectively scale to meet your needs.

AIR Connector can accomplish any of your integration needs:

  • Real-Time Integrations
  • Real-Time Mashups
  • Batch Data Integration
  • Near Real-Time Integrations
  • Big Data Migrations
  • Master Data Management
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Why Integration Matters

Better Insights
Integrating systems using AIR Connector centralizes your data for analysis. This can provide better insights to help you make more strategic decisions, know more about your customers, and grow those existing accounts.
Improved Security
AIR Connector uses a variety of AWS tools to ensure your data stays confidential and compliant with all security standards. AIR Connector moves only the data for which it has explicit permission to move, and it is safe from phishing and hackers while in transit.
Enhanced Productivity
AIR Connector brings relevant information together. By integrating your different business systems with AIR Connector, you can eliminate duplication of tasks, manual data entry, ensure accurate, up-to-date information, simplify reporting, and prevent errors.

Integration doesn’t need to be a multi-vendor approach. If you have data integration needs, we can handle every aspect of the process. From the middleware to the services surrounding the best ways to migrate, cleanse and combine your data. You can learn more about our integration expertise here.

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