Think Research improves customer insights with Salesforce Data Cloud

Think Research LogoCompany Name: Think Research
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Healthcare Technology
Headquarters Location: Toronto, ON
Products Purchased: Salesforce Data Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Think Research provides digital solutions to support medical professionals and improve patient care. This includes offering clinical content, connectivity tools, clinical education, and research/development.

Enhancing Customer Outreach with Data Cloud

As a long-time customer of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, the Think Research team recognized a significant opportunity to enhance their internal operations by leveraging Salesforce Data Cloud. Their goal was to use Data Cloud to unify customer profiles across their various solutions for more efficient outreach. The team also wanted to build more targeted, personalized marketing campaigns.

Data Cloud Mapping

Data Security

The Think Research team has a dedicated division of Data Engineers, Architects, and Developers. The team was already following best practices to combine and securely store their data from various client-facing sources in Google Cloud Storage (GCS). Using native connectors to bring Salesforce and GCS data into Data Cloud, Think Research was able to reconcile, supplement, and deduplicate records. This provided the Think Research team with a more complete, 360-degree view of the Healthcare Providers they support. 

Future Phases

As the project progressed, Think Research thought more strategically about what all Data Cloud could do for the various teams working inside Salesforce. 

Future plans include:

  • Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Increase personalization across marketing campaigns
  • Segment audiences based on behavioral identifiers
  • Streamline data management practices

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