Customer Story: Fern Health Expands Salesforce Footprint with Integrations and Marketing

Company Type: Fern Health
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Healthcare Services, Health Coaching
Headquarters Location: NJ, United States
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Data Cloud, Unified Health Scoring, and AIR Connector

Client Overview:

Fern Health helps individuals manage the physical, emotional, and social causes of chronic pain through its integrated digital approach. Fern Health members have access to an interactive mobile application where they can chat with their dedicated health coach, access education materials, participate in activities, and measure progress toward goals and milestones.

Fern Health and CopperHill have a long history of working together. This “Phase 2” Project was focused around enhancing their operations by extending their integrations, expanding their data model with Salesforce, and incorporating marketing journeys to enroll and nurture potential members. Additionally, they sought to become HITRUST compliant to improve their security and protect sensitive information.

Salesforce LogoProject Objectives:

  • Expand the integration of Fern Health’s mobile app data into Salesforce to create a more holistic view of member wellness. 
  • Implement marketing journeys to enroll potential members and engage them with the benefits of working with Fern Health.
  • Ensure HITRUST compliance and enhance Salesforce security settings.
  • Provide member support through Salesforce cases and enable a scalable platform for future growth.

Fern Health Mobile App

Project Implementation:

Data Integration and Wellness Assessment: Fern Health improved its wellness assessment and redesigned its evaluation systems in its mobile app. Fern also utilized Salesforce to provide health coaches with a comprehensive view of member wellness.

Lead Process and Marketing Journeys: A lead process was built in Salesforce to enable the nurturing and qualification of individuals through employer and partner referral sources. Marketing journeys were then created, focusing on educating members about the benefits of using Fern Health and connecting them with health coaches.

HITRUST Compliance and Security Enhancements: Fern Health implemented Shield and standard Salesforce security settings. Documentation and requirements were shared regarding profiles, user access, and data partitioning.

Scaling and Support: Challenges related to scalability were addressed with the adoption and use of Salesforce cases to provide support to members. Round Robin assignments were then introduced to handle user pools between Fern Health and reseller clients.

Problems Solved:

  • Enhancements were made to move data from Fern Health’s mobile application into Salesforce, the end result was improved data flow and data accuracy.
  • Fern Health successfully became HITRUST compliant, meeting security standards and partnering with third-party coaches as Salesforce users.
  • Programmatic development led to an efficient and organized member assignment between Fern Health and reseller clients.


Fern Health’s Phase 2 project showcased the successful integration of their wellness app data into Salesforce, enabling a holistic view of wellness and efficient lead management. The implementation of marketing journeys opened new avenues for attracting and engaging eligible members. With HITRUST compliance and improved security settings, Fern Health enhanced its platform’s credibility. The project demonstrated the importance of a consultative approach, scalability, and continuous learning for successful Salesforce implementations.

Looking Ahead:

Fern Health is looking to utilize Salesforce Unified Health Scoring and Data Cloud product to empower health coaches to take quick actions for member support and engagement. The team is also planning additional marketing journeys to increase member engagement.

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