Customer Story: Salesforce and CopperHill Help Fern Health Provide Better Care

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Salesforce and CopperHill Help Fern Health Work Efficiently to Provide Better Care for its Members

Company Name: Fern Health
Industry:  Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Healthcare Services, Health Coaching
Location: NJ, United States
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and AIR Connector

Fern Health helps individuals manage physical, emotional, and social causes of chronic pain through its integrated approach to patient care. Fern members have access to an interactive mobile application where they can chat with their dedicated health coach, access education materials, participate in activities, and measure progress toward goals and milestones.

The member experience of the app can be broken down into steps.

  1. Take initial assessment with the focus on particular body parts.
  2. Identify red flag questions, to see if they fit within the program
  3. Set up a member profile
  4. Evaluate physical and mental risk areas
  5. Pair up the patient with a coach, utilize real-time in app secure messaging and coordinating calls between member and coach for in depth coaching sessions. 
  6. Create a custom program with members that includes different exercises, content around pain, different activities around managing sleep, mental health, and overall treatments. The custom member engagement can last anywhere from 2 to 12 months based upon unique employer and member requirements.

Fern Health Mobile App


Mobile App Integration with AIR Connector

A major process that Fern Health wanted to improve was their healthcare coaching platform. The team needed an easy way for coaches to access data, manage appointments, and communicate with members. CopperHill worked alongside Fern Health to integrate their third party mobile application with Health Cloud. 

This integration allows coaches to provide better, more efficient care to Fern members by:

  • Viewing member information such as health assessment responses, demographic information, and biometric data right inside Salesforce without having to switch applications. 
  • Member activity notifications from the app, including direct messages, upcoming appointments, issues with pain, program milestones, and activity completions. 
  • Streamlining communication with members for follow ups, appointments, and general alerts

CopperHill also built a tool for efficient and secure asynchronous messaging between coaches and members, accessible inside Health Cloud for health coaches and inside the Fern app for members, to help alleviate communication challenges.

Fern Health Messaging

Salesforce Impact

Utilizing Salesforce has allowed Fern Health the opportunity to work more efficiently across health coaches and members. The team at Fern Health worked with Salesforce and CopperHill to optimize Salesforce Health Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Health Cloud’s Role

  • Task Management: The coaches can manage members needing follow ups, appointments, and customized alerts.
  • Alerts: Notify the coaches of actions needed on the members (upcoming appointment, member issues with pain, program milestones, activity completions).
  • Calendar/Schedule: The ability for coaches to schedule and reschedule appointments (users can also schedule appointments via the app which is then synced into Health Cloud on unique coach calendars).
  • Messaging: Conduct secure, asynchronous messaging with a real-time secure chat with members. Inbox Messenger
  • Data Points: Import data from an application for coaches to view data such as Health Assessment, Demographics, and biometric data (Steps, Active Minutes, Sleep Hours, etc).
  • Admin/Reporting:  Ability to manage coaching follow ups, reporting on service to Fern’s members.

CopperHill Impact

CopperHill was able to partner with Fern Health by proving integration and HLS expertise, including previous experience with health coaching companies. CopperHill worked within timeline and budget constraints to deliver a final, exceptional product, which included a real-time custom chat application inside of Salesforce.

CopperHill was also brought in to help Fern leverage the powerful automations and journey features inside Marketing Cloud to encourage member participation within the Fern mobile app.

The Fern team is also working closely with CopperHill to enhance its data model inside Salesforce, sharing even more information across its mobile application, Health Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. 

For more information about our Salesforce Solutions and how we integrate applications using AIR Connector, please contact us.