Customer Story: STS improves donor management with Salesforce integration

Secure Transfusion Services improves donor management with Salesforce integration


Company Name: Secure Transfusion Services
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Segment: Providers & Patient Care
Executive Sponsor: Vice President, Business Systems
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, AIR Connector Middleware

Secure Transfusion Services (STS) is modernizing the American blood system. STS builds and operates commercial blood donation centers and contracts with healthcare providers and hospitals to supply them with hard-to-source transfusable components, including platelets. Their mission is to eliminate supply-chain uncertainties and improve patient outcomes related to blood transfusions.

Integration with WellSky

STS uses WellSky to manage its donors’ appointments and contact information. The STS team needed to extract that data out of the clinical system and into Salesforce for two reasons:

  1. For STS employees to manage and nurture relationships with donors
  2. For donors to access and edit their appointments and information

STS purchased CopperHill’s own middleware tool, AIR Connector, to map, combine, convert, and format field values from WellSky into the appropriate Salesforce fields and objects. salesforce-health-cloud

Now that this data is in Salesforce, STS can leverage the power of the platform to work more efficiently. They no longer need to manually input this data into Salesforce. Salesforce can send appointment reminders to donors, or it can encourage them to schedule donation appointments as soon as they are eligible. It can generate robust reports and share insight into donor behavior.  STS is also looking forward to creating a donor portal for donors to schedule and manage appointments and information. Having the WellSky appointment data in Salesforce is critical for donors to view appointments and check their eligibility.

If at first you don’t succeed…

STS signed on to work with a different middleware vendor and a Salesforce implementation partner to launch Health Cloud and integrate WellSky data. Unfortunately, the middleware vendor went out of business, leaving STS and its Salesforce partner in a tough position. Salesforce introduced STS to CopperHill and suggested its middleware tool, AIR Connector, would meet STS’s requirements.

A few short calls later, CopperHill seamlessly replaced the defunct middleware company and worked with STS and alongside its Salesforce implementation partner to get STS’s WellSky data into Salesforce.

Kicking Off Phase 2

STS was pleased with the functionality of AIR Connector and impressed by the CopperHill team’s delivery and skillset. STS extended its working relationship with CopperHill to build its donor portal using Salesforce Digital Experience, launch Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and support other initiatives as STS continues to grow.

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