Case Study: Integration reduces data processing time by over 87%

Products Purchased: Integration, AIR Connect
Location: PA, USA

Implementing Integration using AIR Connect, CopperHill’s own middleware tool, reduced the time it took a Financial Services firm to make third party data available inside Salesforce by over 87%.

Access to up-to-date advisor information, transaction details, and investment market values is critical for this Company’s sales team members to do their jobs. The Company recognized the best way to achieve this is to make that information accessible in Salesforce, since the sales team uses it track opportunities, generate proposals, and manage tasks and activities. The Company also wanted to take advantage of Salesforce’s powerful reporting functionality. Bringing more data into Salesforce extends the Company’s reporting capabilities.

A process that used to take 8 to 14 hours is now completed in less than 60 minutes, thanks to AIR Connect.

Before signing on with CopperHill, the Company then brought this data into Salesforce by extracting it from each of the systems – a partner portal, the Company’s data warehouse, and the Company’s Proposal Generation tool – then manually manipulating the data, aggregating, correlating, and organizing it in spreadsheets that contained millions of rows of data. These spreadsheets were then uploaded using Salesforce’s Data Loader or batch scripts. Because the files were so large and included so much human intervention, the process would often time out or throw errors. From start to finish, the process could take anywhere from 8 to 14 hours every day.

During the window when the process was running, the sales team couldn’t enter any new information into Salesforce because it would just be overwritten after the process finished running. They also couldn’t see up-to-date information until approximately 3pm ET. This was crippling the productivity of the Company’s sales team.

CopperHill implemented AIR Connect, CopperHill’s own middleware tool, to overhaul this data integration with Salesforce. AIR Connect runs on the Company’s Azure instance, leveraging the Company’s existing cloud infrastructure and investment. AIR Connect pulls in all the data extracted data files from the existing Company’s transactional systems before it transforms, indexes, maps, and loads the data into Salesforce. This makes the data available to the sales team and brings power to Salesforce as the Company’s single source of truth.

A process that used to take 8 to 14 hours is now completed in less than 60 minutes, thanks to AIR Connect. The reduction in errors is equally dramatic since the processes do not face issues of timing out or manual mistakes. Instead of flipping back and forth between systems or waiting until the late afternoon for the information to become available in Salesforce, the sales team has easy access to all the information they need to do their jobs as soon as they come into the office, and some of it is updated in near-real time.

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