Zoom for telehealth? There is a better option inside Salesforce

Zoom for telehealth? There is a better option inside Salesforce

CopperHill AIR Engage is a more secure, fully integrated telehealth solution inside Salesforce

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has skyrocketed to be among the most popular video chat providers. Free accounts and a simple interface have no doubt contributed to its popularity for both business meetings and personal use. For the most part, Zoom is a perfectly fine tool for virtual meetings on a standalone basis. If you are looking for a product that integrates with Salesforce and ensures top security protocols, AIR Engage is a better fit, especially for HIPAA compliance in the healthcare industry. 

Salesforce Plug-In vs. Integration

Zoom does have a plug-in available on the Salesforce AppExchange that helps you create a zoom meeting from a Salesforce event. That is where the integration stops. Meeting hosts still have to open Zoom separate from Salesforce – whether it is their browser, mobile, or desktop application – forcing them to toggle between tabs, windows, or applications. Meeting details and attendees must be manually entered into the Salesforce event. Nothing is shared with Salesforce through this “integration.”

AIR Engage is fully integrated inside Salesforce, meaning hosts can schedule events, add attendees, and join meetings all without ever leaving Salesforce. This eliminates the confusion that comes with toggling tabs or splitting screens between a notepad, Salesforce, and a Zoom window. Since the meeting is embedded inside Salesforce, AIR Engage enables hosts to add notes in Salesforce without ever minimizing the video session. 

Another advantage of AIR Engage’s full integration inside Salesforce is how meeting details are captured. This is especially important during the rise of telemedicine. Guests invited are automatically added to the meeting details, along with whether or not they attended after the meeting ends. Meeting duration and other important properties for insurance claims are tracked, captured, and are automatically visible in Salesforce. Individuals using Zoom would have to manually capture this information and enter it back into Salesforce. This leaves plenty of room for billing and claims disputes.  

Zoom is still playing catch-up with security

Despite their progress, Zoom still lacks some specific features to ensure privacy protections, attendee authentication, and end-to-end encryption. This is especially concerning for the Healthcare industry as providers face strict scrutiny with regulators.  

AIR Engage is powered by AWS and embedded completely inside Salesforce – two platforms that are known for taking security measures beyond what is required. It guarantees privacy protections, uses AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, and is HIPAA compliant in every sense.  AIR Engage leverages Salesforce’s Community Cloud to authenticate attendees. Setting up users with multi-factor authentication and adding them to specific meetings prevents any hacker who obtained a meeting password from joining the video session. 

Transcriptions and Analysis are available with AIR Engage

Zoom and AIR Engage both have the ability to record virtual meetings. However, AIR Engage goes one step further and can push medical transcriptions back into Salesforce. Just as security measures are in place for protecting patient data, transcriptions are only available to those with specific permission sets and access.

Additionally, AIR Engage takes advantage of a tool called AWS Medical Comprehend. This has the power to analyze meeting transcriptions to pull out key words and phrases to offer summaries, insights, and easy follow-up note taking.

Comparison: Zoom vs. AIR Engage

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