Customer Story: Allstate Sprinkler Corp uses Integrations with Salesforce for better, more accurate data

Allstate Sprinkler Corp

Company Name: Allstate Sprinkler Corp
Sponsor: Chief Operating Officer
Products: Salesforce Sales Cloud. Salesforce Service Cloud. Pardot. Integration. Consulting Services.
Headquarters: New York, USA
Project Goals: Optimize Salesforce purchases. Establish processes. Eliminate manual data entry. Prevent errors and inaccurate information.

Allstate Sprinkler Corp understood the power behind Salesforce and its capabilities. It was the right tool to manage sales pipelines and client relationships, as well as service customers. However, they needed a consulting team to help them make the most of the solution, establish processes, and provide recommendations to help them scale their business.



The current setup wasn’t effective

Salesforce recommended that Allstate partner with CopperHill Consulting to build a complete solution.

In the process of scoping and discovery meetings, the CopperHill team concluded the best way to meet all of Allstate’s objectives was to:

  • Reconfigure Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Pardot. Though Allstate had a Salesforce Administrator, the products needed to be configured and customized to fit Allstate’s needs.
  • Establish processes. Before this project kicked off, Allstate had no process in place to capture leads, track and nurture opportunities, and service customers utilizing the three platforms. CopperHill built a lead flow process to establish consistency across Allstate’s team and set the basis for using Service Cloud and Pardot in conjunction with Sales Cloud.
  • Integrate with Allstate’s billing system. Accuracy of contact information, including addresses, is so critical to Allstate’s business that the team can not risk having bad data in their billing system. By integrating Salesforce to their billing system, they can eliminate the need for manual updates to the billing system and the risk of errors during data entry.

This three-pronged solution makes the Allstate team more effective. It eliminated the need to “swivel chair” and access different systems to get the information they needed. It created a single source of truth – all of their data is sourced from Salesforce, resulting in a true, organized, and process-oriented way of using Salesforce.

A closer look at the integration

Allstate uses its billing system – a custom application that runs internally – to conduct scheduling, dispatching, and quoting. As we mentioned earlier, the accuracy of contact information is critical for these jobs to work correctly.

AWS LambdaAfter understanding Allstate’s needs and objectives, CopperHill used Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda to connect its billing system to Salesforce, with Salesforce acting as a hub that pushes the most recent, accurate data to those other systems. CopperHill uses Lambda to generate a flat file and pass that on to an S3 bucket. Once the file is generated and automatically stored in the correct location, a job runs to push it into the billing system and process the updates.

This allows the Salesforce users to maintain their processes, without requiring the additional pass of information and manual updates to Allstate’s billing system. The data clean up will continue to happen over time, and as changes occur, they will be automatically updated in the billing system to keep Allstate working quickly and seamlessly as business grows.

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