Customer Story: MPI finds single source of truth with Salesforce

medpak-logoCompany Name: Medical Packaging Inc (MPI)
Sponsor: Director of Customer Assurance
Products: Salesforce Sales Cloud. Salesforce Service Cloud. Partner Communities. Integration.
Headquarters: New Jersey, USA
Project Goals: Migrate from Infor CRM (formerly SalesLogix) to Salesforce. Eliminate manual data inputs and exports. Provide better sales support. Improve customer service.

Find the truth. That was the primary objective when Medical Packaging Inc (MPI) purchased Salesforce. As a small company burdened by data silos and manual tasks, the team needed a way to quickly share accurate information amongst each other, with partners, and with customers, to help them take actions and make informed decisions.

The need to scale.

MPI understands the impact technology can have on a business – both positively and negatively. An old, clunky CRM system inhibited MPI’s ability to efficiently scale as their business grows. They needed results-tracking and trend-analysis across all the functional areas of their business.

MPI used Infor, formerly SalesLogix, as its CRM. The application, which had been bought and sold multiple times, would frequently crash, there was no roadmap for future enhancements, and unintuitive features that attributed to low user adoption at MPI. There was also no way to capture all the necessary information about a prospect or a customer within Infor.

As MPI continues to grow, so does MPI’s need for efficiencies, automations, and transparency. Salesforce enables the team to respond more quickly to customers and prospects and shows them where there are opportunities to be more proactive within sales and service. It shines light on a lack of transparency and lack of accountability across multiple areas of the business.

Salesforce makes MPI mobile

Salesforce’s easy-to-use interface and robust mobile application lets MPI access the tool right from the field. A salesperson can enter better, more accurate notes or assign follow up tasks immediately after a meeting ends, directly into the application, and the information is visible to the entire team. Task triggers and workflow automations increase the MPI team’s productivity because less time is spent on manual processes and data sharing.

By switching to Salesforce, MPI now has a complete 360 view of customer and prospect activity with no delay of information sharing. This level of transparency prevents any duplication of efforts or miscommunication.

Salesforce as a source of truth

Salesforce is a gamechanger for a small organization like MPI, and the impact Salesforce has had on MPI is still unfolding. The team was strapped by capacity limits, personal silos, and administrative tasks. Salesforce helps the management team uncover a lot of things that need to change by having transparency into activities. It lessens the administrative and management burden of information. Workflows and automations increase efficiencies. Procedures and tasks are clear and easy to follow. Salesforce eliminates any guesswork in MPI’s processes, leaving the sales and service teams use all their capacity to sell and serve customers.

MPI can now track customer engagement beyond their sales activities. Integrating Salesforce with Salesfusion, MPI’s marketing automation tool, helps the team measure more meaningful KPIs as actional items, not just numbers. Reports and dashboards using Salesforce data show accurate, detailed information that can help leadership make better decisions.

Working with CopperHill

MPI was looking for a Salesforce partner for the initial configuration and more. They strongly believe solid communication is key to any partnership. To get this rollout right, MPI knew they needed a partner that could keep the lines of communication open and operate with full transparency. After evaluating a few different partners, the search was over the minute they talked with the team at CopperHill.

“CopperHill Consulting had every next step mapped out and gave MPI the best possible roadmap for reaching our goals.” – Kim Baldwin, Director of Customer Assurance

One of MPI’s core values is continuous improvement. The CopperHill and MPI partnership has really made the most out of the Salesforce tool. Team members from both sides collaborated and scrutinized processes and proposed new ways to make it even better.

Coming Soon: Communities

MPI is excited to launch Communities to better communicate with its customers and distribution partners. The Customer Community allow purchasers of MPI’s products to quickly find and view relevant content, like articles, manuals, and videos, and acts as a direct line of communication with the MPI support and service team. The Partner Community gives MPI’s distribution partners much needed visibility into sales transactions and fulfillment requirements, eliminating the need to send emails with easy-to-miss details and spreadsheet attachments.

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