Advanced CRM: Model your customer relationships intuitively using an Omnichannel approach

Advanced CRM

Customers interact with businesses in multiple ways: in person, phone, mobile, web portals, social media and email.  An Omnichannel model allows for all of those interactions to flow freely into the CRM system, delivering timely services and relevant products and information to customers.

Fortunately, instead of building all this from scratch, Vlocity can overlay proven industry models for sales, service, and marketing to quickly transform your CRM and better serve your customers.

About Vlocity

Vlocity is additive to Salesforce – meaning it is built 100% on the platform – that has these Omnichannel capabilities to improve your customer’s journey.

Vlocity currently offers solutions addressing the following business sectors:

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Insurance
  3. Health insurance
  4. Government / Public

The founders of Vlocity drew upon their previous experience working with CRMs to create industry-specific applications centered on becoming more vertical. This is something Salesforce internally has felt was lacking in their ability to penetrate key industries, and in turn, Salesforce became one of the lead backers in Vlocity’s recent $42 million investment round.

Omnichannel within Vlocity

A benefit from Vlocity’s omnichannel approach is the ability to profile customers using different attributes. Its flexible model allows companies to draw upon subsets of customers using cross object profiles to, for example, identify which customers are eligible for equipment upgrades.

Omnichannel capabilities live in a feature called Omniscripts:  a configurable set of business process flows, which serve individual customer needs. Omniscripts can exist in any of the places through which businesses serve their customers: CRM, websites, and mobile applications.

Vlocity layers in sophisticated features to their Omniscripts, which are contextually driven.  Once a customer’s identity is established in the system, products or information about which the customer owns as well as new offerings they may be interested in are presented based on their individual profile.

Interested in hearing more about how an omnichannel approach and industry-specific solutions could enable better customer experiences?  We are a registered implementation partners of Vlocity, so please contact us! For more information about Vlocity, please visit