Global Pharmaceutical Company Improves Patient Outreach with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Global Pharmaceutical Company Improves Patient Outreach with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Company Type: Global Pharmaceutical CompanyPharmaceutical Logo
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Products Purchased: Marketing Cloud Engagement and Marketing Cloud Personalization

A Global Pharmaceutical Company (Global Pharma) is dedicated to the research and development of potential treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. 

Areas in Need of Improvement

CopperHill worked with Global Pharma to improve the patient outreach process. Global Pharma was already a Salesforce customer but relied on Mailchimp for email marketing. The Global Pharma team chose an upgrade from Mailchimp to Marketing Cloud Engagement, with Marketing Cloud Personalization. Our work with Global Pharma’s digital team focused on solving patient outreach and support challenges along with other marketing initiatives. These were our areas of focus:

  • marketing-cloudReduce manual efforts by eliminating spreadsheet importing/exporting
  • Automate outreach and time it to care treatment in Marketing Cloud 
  • Improve communications around treatment support and general education
  • Patient personalization options

CopperHill Solutions

Our job at CopperHill was to utilize our Salesforce, Healthcare, and interoperability expertise to overcome the challenges Global Pharma faced on a day-to-day basis. We did so in the following ways:

  • Mailing List Support
    • Before working with CopperHill, the Global Pharma team managed separate systems for Mailchimp and Salesforce. This created duplicative, swivel chair activities and forced Global Pharma to export their mailing list from Salesforce and then manually import the list into Mailchimp. Not only was this time-consuming, but the process of maintaining customer opt-out/consent became a cumbersome issue. The upgrade from Mailchimp to Marketing Cloud removed any need to import/export contacts as Salesforce became the Single Source of Truth. 
  • Template Customization
    • Customization was another aspect of the patient outreach process that Global Pharma wanted to improve. Global Pharma aimed to ensure that users had a personalized experience. This included receiving messages from their dedicated outreach coordinator, messages were responsive for both desktop and mobile devices, and lastly ensuring dark mode compatibility on emails to accommodate those recipients sensitive to bright light.
  • Refill Messaging
    • Global Pharma is a pharmaceutical company, meaning it is imperative that patients know when their medications have been refilled. We automated messages to support their process and improve medication adherence.
  • Patient Education
    • Another important challenge we tackled was patient education. We helped Global Pharma automate the sending of educational materials throughout the patient’s treatment. The goal of this educational material is to keep the patient involved and engaged with their outreach coordinator.
  • Surveys
    • Prior to working with us, Global Pharma was using SurveyMonkey as their survey and forms tool. With the upgrade to Marketing Cloud, Global Pharma now has access to an integrated, native survey feature. This eliminates the need for SurveyMonkey while gathering real-time feedback from the patients so outreach coordinators can offer the best care possible.
  • Web Form Integration
    • Tracking web form submissions was another pain point for Global Pharma. We integrated their website’s form with Salesforce so that patient outreach coordinators could better respond to new requests and support inquiries.

Salesforce LogoFuture Phases

In a future phase of their project, Global Pharma will focus on delivering a truly personalized experience to their audience. This involves the implementation of Marketing Cloud Personalization to serve dynamic and relevant content directly on their website, such as tailored announcements and curated news articles. For instance, they aim to cater research papers specifically to physicians, highlighting findings and illustrating the benefits to patients, ensuring that each visitor receives content specific to their interests and needs.

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