Primary Care Provider Optimizes Patient Care with Salesforce and Integrations

salesforce-health-cloudPrimary Care Provider Optimizes Patient Care with Salesforce and Integrations

Company Type: Primary Care Provider
Industry:  Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Provider
Location: New York, NY
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, Slack, Integration

AWS LogoOur client, a Primary Care Provider (PC Provider), is on a mission to enhance the quality of healthcare, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes by bringing great doctors closer to the people who need them. They use technology powered by Salesforce and AWS to connect patients to doctors and deliver optimal care. 

Clearer Patient Management

Using Salesforce as a single source of truth means the PC Provider team can work through new referrals and leads, convert them to patients, provide support, and assign care all in one location. The team is able to leverage the Health Cloud Patient Timeline feature to view past and manage upcoming tasks related to that patient.

PC Provider also set up Household accounts to manage patients, family members, their caregivers, powers of attorney, emergency contacts. This helps establish relationships and identify new potential patients for PC Provider. 

The Salesforce platform is also a powerful tool for the PC Provider Population Health team. Reports and dashboards identify trends and care gaps, which can then be addressed by primary care doctors and health advocates. 

Sample Patient Timeline
Sample: Health Cloud Patient Timeline

Actionable, Accessible Information

PC Provider was able to leverage powerful integrations to simplify the day-to-day operations across multiple teams. 

Providers need to access accurate, up-to-date information in order to provide the best possible care to patients. This means PC Provider must securely share data across Salesforce, where patient intake and scheduling begins, with Elation Health, PC Provider’s EHR. 

Working with CopperHill and Salesforce gave PC Provider access to the AIR Connect Elation Accelerator to simplify integration between Salesforce and Elation. This pre-built connector ensures data consistency across Salesforce and Elation relating to Patient records in both applications. PC Provider plans to extend the integration to handle bi-directional syncing of appointment statuses and notes in the future. 

PC Provider also integrated Salesforce with an AWS Redshift Data Warehouse to store historical business account and patient data. 

Elation Image

Faster Responses to Requests and Referrals

PC Provider was able to eliminate redundant, swivel chair activities by implementing Slack with Centro. PC Provider’s teams are geographically dispersed. It relies on Slack as its primary internal communication tool for quick, effective messaging between operational staff and care providers. 

Slack logo

Prior to working with CopperHill and Salesforce, PC Provider staff were receiving requests and notifications from a variety of channels, including JIRA,  Help Scout, and email, relating to support and referrals. It was a heavy burden for the team to ensure all items were addressed in a timely manner by appropriate individuals. 

Now, new support requests are submitted via Experience Cloud portals or Centro forms, which help power the integration across Salesforce and Slack. Upon the form submission, Cases are automatically created and assigned in Salesforce, and collaboration can happen across Slack to resolve these cases. 

PC Provider also uses Salesforce Omni-Channel for dynamic Case routing. CopperHill created different queues for the cases to be assigned based on the type of case, a team member’s capacity and priority, ensuring efficient workload distribution. We also installed and configured the Dialpad plug-in, which makes servicing and reporting on these requests via phone call much easier.

Omni Channel
Sample: Salesforce Omni-Channel

Improved Scheduling

Salesforce with Skedulo gave PC Provider’s doctors, health advocates, and operational staff an improved scheduling tool. User Portals powered by Experience Cloud allow for self-scheduling appointments with providers and health advocates. Events are automatically created inside of Salesforce, and availability is updated to reflect those scheduled events. 

Overall, PC Provider’s efforts aim to enhance operational efficiency, streamline communication, and improve patient care management. Implementing Salesforce with integrations has simplified workflows, improved collaboration between teams, and ultimately resulted in better patient outcomes.

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