Affinity Hospice Improves Operational Efficiency by 50% with Integrations

Affinity Hospice Improves Operational Efficiency by 50% with Integrations

Company Name: Affinity Hospice
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Hospice Care / Home Health
Products Purchased: AIR Connect

Affinity CEO Rick Cantrell partnered with CopperHill to create efficiency through integrations across HR and Payroll, recruiting software, and the IT ticketing system. Details are outlined below.


Affinity Hospice offers professional hospice and palliative care to patients with life-limiting illnesses. Their mission revolves around pain and symptom management. Affinity Hospice delivers care through a qualified team consisting of doctors, professional nurses, social workers, chaplains, hospice aides, and volunteers. Beyond ensuring a pain-free experience, this team also supports both patients and their families in preparing for the future. This assistance ranges from organizing personal affairs to guiding loved ones through the grieving process.

Affinity Hospice worked with CopperHill to optimize their operational efficiency and enhance organizational workflows. They focused on improving their employee recruiting process and streamlining Human Resources operations, CopperHill integrated multiple systems and implemented AIR Connect middleware to facilitate seamless recruitment procedures. This innovative approach not only improved Affinity Hospice’s hiring strategies but also reduced swivel-chair by 50%.AIR Connect

AIR Connect

With interoperability a driving force in Affinity achieving their operational goals, it required the appropriate, scalable integration platform. AIR Connect was singled out as the perfect solution. As a flexible conduit between data systems, the AIR platform allows for the seamless transfer of data in and out of each system.

Furthermore, Affinity doesn’t have to keep their integration strategy limited to this initial phase of applications, but can keep the options open to scale for any additional apps. Since AIR doesn’t use custom code, nor require internal resources to host and manage, it’s the perfect option to allow your data to move in an efficient manner, and allow your organization to make data driven decisions!


At Affinity Hospice, the pursuit of top-tier talent and streamlined recruitment processes was vital for providing exceptional care. Leveraging iCIMS, a cutting-edge talent acquisition software renowned for its AI-powered hiring platform, Affinity Hospice embarked on a journey to revolutionize their recruitment strategies. Serving as an applicant tracking system, iCIMS integrated into their operations, efficiently managing the influx of job applications and facilitating a structured recruitment process.

After a hiring decision is finalized, iCIMS acts as a catalyst for downstream systems, facilitating direct integrations to remove operational inefficiencies and streamline the onboarding process.

This innovative utilization of iCIMS not only optimized hiring operations but also nurtured a robust talent pipeline, enabling Affinity Hospice to continually exceed candidate expectations while effectively retaining top-tier professionals.



Affinity Hospice implemented APS, a cloud-based HR and payroll platform well known for its accessibility and user-friendly interface. APS works as the cornerstone of Affinity’s payroll operations, and offers unparalleled accessibility to HR workflows. Moreover, APS integrates into their existing ecosystem, collaborating with iCIMS, an applicant tracking system, to improve the recruitment process.

This collaboration enhanced the transmission of recruit status updates from iCIMS, new hire documents, and simultaneously created tasks in AutoTask, to optimize the entire employee onboarding process.


AutoTask PSA

Autotask PSA emerged as a pivotal tool in the framework of Affinity Hospice. While its primary function revolved around user partitioning, Autotask PSA also employed a comprehensive suite of functionalities essential for increasing efficiency.

AutoTask integrated iCIMS to facilitate better communication between Affinity’s IT management company and Affinity. This integration automatically generates a new ticket containing all necessary information whenever there’s a need for new employee onboarding. By doing so, it eliminates the need for any middle-man communication and removes any operational bottleneck.

Autotask PSA’s capabilities provided Affinity Hospice with a scalable framework to streamline their IT and operational processes. This strategic integration improved their operational infrastructure, offering a solid foundation to navigate diverse tasks and operational issues within the organization.

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