Med Device Company simplifies ordering and improves customer service

Med Device Company simplifies ordering and improves customer service 

Company Type: Medical Device Manufacturer
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Segment: Med Device
Sub-Industry: Equipment and Supplies
Products Purchased: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Inbox, Custom Calendar App, Computer Telephony Integration, Integration

A Medical Device Manufacturer (Med Dev) provides medical equipment, devices, and supplies to hospitals and healthcare providers. They have been longtime customers of Salesforce and CopperHill. 

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What started off as a simple CRM upgrade evolved into a powerful sales and service platform. After rolling out Salesforce to improve sales processes and visibility, Med Dev wanted to focus on using Salesforce to provide better sales support, customer service, and partner communications.

A Simplified Bulk-Ordering Process

While their main products are specific machines, a significant amount of business comes from repurchasing materials that their machines consume. Med Dev’s Sales Reps are responsible for generating quotes for these repurchases, which can vary significantly and specifically for customers based on the products, quantity, and discounts available. 

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CopperHill was able to implement a customized, automated pricing module to simplify Med Dev’s ordering process. 

  1. A sales rep submits a quote request to their Procurement team
  2. A member of the Procurement team is notified and then contacts appropriate vendors to generate tiered pricing details. This ensures the customer is getting the best price available.
  3. Med Dev’s Sales Reps are alerted after pricing tiers are acquired and approvals have been granted. They select the quantity of products for the quote and accurate pricing is attached.

This enhancement drastically reduces the number of manual tasks Med Dev Sales reps must complete before offering a quote to customers. It speeds up the process, guarantees all necessary steps are taken, and approvals are granted. 

Med Dev also used middleware to clean up its data integration between Great Plains, an ERP, and Salesforce. This exercise guarantees that accurate, up-to-date information is passing between the two systems and records are updating appropriately. 

Streamlined Customer Service

Med Dev leverages Salesforce Experience Cloud as a Customer Portal to engage customers and share important information with them.

Community Cloud ImageMed Dev’s Customer Portal allows purchasers of Med Dev’s products to quickly find and view relevant content, such as knowledge articles, training manuals, and helpful videos. It creates a direct line of communication between its customers and the Med Dev support and service teams.

Med Dev also added new features to its existing service model to enhance the customer experience, including Computer Telephony Integration, Case Management, and Email-to-Case. This helps customers request support and open cases with Med Dev’s service team, and it helps the service team gather the necessary information to resolve issues.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is then used to trigger surveys via email to gather customer feedback and improve service processes after cases are closed. 


Using email-to-case prevents shared mailboxes and emailed support requests from getting overlooked. It keeps the appropriate people informed of upcoming requests, and it helps the service team adhere to processes.

Improved Partner Communications

Med Dev recently launched a second community for its distribution partners in mid-October. 

This gives Med Dev’s distribution partners the much needed visibility into sales transactions and fulfillment requirements. It eliminates the need for partners to send emails with easy-to-miss details and spreadsheet attachments. Using Experience Cloud allows Med Dev to grant distributors specific permissions to a subset of library content, including sales documents and files, without giving them full access inside Salesforce. 

Med Dev also uses the power of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to automate follow up messages. These are personalized based on Account and Order details, and partners are sorted into long-term nurture campaigns. 

Enhancing Data for Expanded Success

Med Dev purchased Definitive Health data to augment its account information. Integrating it with Salesforce helps Med Dev fill in missing but important data points and fields on its Accounts without having to manually research the details. This gives Med Dev better visibility into the companies it identifies as customers. 
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CopperHill also implemented Einstein Activity Capture for Med Dev to sync customer communications directly with Salesforce. Med Dev team members no longer need to enter exchanges and events shared via email into Salesforce – Einstein Activity Capture will do it for them. It even relates them back to Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Calendars, and other related records, saving the team time and reducing manual, redundant tasks. 


Capturing and enhancing this additional data inside Salesforce means Med Dev can perform better analytics and gather more insights to help Med Dev make better decisions and expand its success.

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