Customer Story: Enhanced MedSpa Patient Experience with Salesforce and Integrations

Company Type: Medical Spa
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Specialty Clinic – Health and Wellness
Headquarter Location: UT, United States
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Shield, Scheduler, Linvio, Elation Integration

A multi-location Medical Spa (MedSpa) spanning across the United States worked with CopperHill and Salesforce to improve patient experiences. MedSpa is focused on helping individuals achieve their ideal appearance and build self-confidence with natural body enhancement treatments.

Streamlining Complex Scheduling:

Operating with a diverse range of providers, MedSpa faced the challenge of managing complex scheduling requirements. CopperHill designed a sophisticated scheduling system with Salesforce Scheduler that factored in various parameters, including provider expertise and clinic locations. The solution not only accounted for the specific procedures each clinician offered but also considered time zones, ensuring efficient and error-free scheduling. By eliminating scheduling conflicts and simplifying the process for treatment coordinators, MedSpa optimized their operations and enhanced the overall patient experience.

Sample Lightning Scheduler
Sample: Salesforce Lightning Scheduler


Seamless Payment and Quoting:

Linvio LogoEfficient payment processing and accurate quoting was critical for MedSpa’s success. CopperHill built a custom quoting application and integrated it with Linvio, a Salesforce plugin. This enabled Salesforce users and MedSpa employees to generate comprehensive quotes based on different procedures, costs, and discounts. Once a quote was generated, it could be easily shared with the patient and seamlessly paid through Linvio. This streamlined approach simplified financial transactions, ensuring a smooth payment experience for both the patients and providers.

Effortless Integration with Elation:

Recognizing the importance of interoperability, MedSpa partnered with CopperHill to integrate Elation Health, a leading EHR system, with Salesforce. MedSpa was able to reduce the cost and timeline of the integration project by leveraging the CopperHill, AIR Connector, and Elation partnership. This bi-directional integration eliminated errors and enabled the sharing of patient demographic information, appointment details, and visit notes between both systems. As a result, the providers and staff were equipped with up-to-date and accurate patient information, enhancing the quality of care delivered.

Salesforce - AIR Connect - Elation


Efficient Opportunity Management and Reporting:

CopperHill empowered MedSpa to effectively manage opportunities by implementing robust tracking and reporting mechanisms. With Salesforce, they gained the ability to track the entire patient funnel, attribute marketing activities to converted leads, and measure the ROI of campaigns and sales efforts. The comprehensive reporting capabilities will provide valuable insights into marketing effectiveness, allowing MedSpa to optimize their strategies and achieve maximum results.

User Adoption and Synchronized Scheduling:

Salesforce became an integral part of MedSpa’s operations with Elation, utilized by medical assistants, treatment coordinators, and providers. CopperHill’s training sessions and post go-live support fostered strong user adoption and a seamless transition to using Salesforce. Synchronized scheduling capabilities across Salesforce and Elation allows medical assistants to schedule appointments in Elation, while conflicts and updates are reconciled through automations inside Salesforce. This collaboration between platforms minimizes scheduling challenges and enhances operational efficiency.


Through their partnership with CopperHill and the implementation of Salesforce with Integrations, MedSpa successfully transformed their operations to achieve unparalleled efficiency. By consolidating their systems, establishing lead capture and conversion, simplifying scheduling, and integrating essential platforms, they experienced substantial improvements and organizational success in all aspects of the patient care cycle.

What’s Coming Next

Enhancing Lead Capture and Conversion:

One of the primary objectives for MedSpa was to better capture leads and nurture them into patients. CopperHill set up Salesforce Marketing Cloud to be a robust platform to efficiently manage their prospect and customer relationships. Marketing Cloud will give MedSpa the ability to build personalized campaigns and automated workflows that guide leads through the conversion funnel, ensuring a higher sales conversion rate and increased revenue.

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