Customer Story: Improved Order Accuracy and Visibility for CRE8 with Salesforce Solutions

Customer Story: Improved Order Accuracy and Visibility for CRE8 with Salesforce Solutions

Company Name: CRE8 Pharmacy Group
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Location: FL, United States
Products Purchased: Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Experience Cloud

Client Overview 

The CRE8 Pharmacy Group are specialists in preparing customized medications. Their compounding laboratories, outfitted with advanced technology, enable them to meet the ever-increasing demand for personalized medications. Their focus is around supplying providers with customized medications that are not commercially available. Some examples include patients who are allergic to inactive ingredients or patients who require very specific dosages.

CRE8 worked with us to build a comprehensive Salesforce Solution to overcome challenges surrounding order inaccuracies, shipment visibility, and inbound support calls.


A Comprehensive Salesforce Implementation

Experience Cloud for Clinics 

We developed a user-friendly portal in Salesforce Experience Cloud for clinicians to manage their orders with CRE8 and access essential resources. Clinics can now create patients, place new orders, submit orders in bulk, check shipment statuses, view the formulary catalog, access medical studies, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Sales Cloud for Internal Users 

We streamlined the CRE8 internal order processing system using Salesforce Sales Cloud with data validation rules. This ensured that orders received from clinics have no errors or missing information. We also enforced logic for shipping methods based on the product type and managed prescription instructions through master data. The system automatically creates shipments using preferred carriers such as UPS, with most settings pulling data and other variables from existing records. Additionally, we enabled the printing of PDF order confirmations for validation and archival purposes. Multiple orders can now be printed simultaneously using Salesforce S-Docs.


Additional Work Completed

  • We enabled doctors to draw a signature using their iPad or touchscreen, saving it as a file for future use, eliminating the need to recreate it with every new order.
  • We implemented a physical security key for multi-factor authentication, enhancing security and minimizing vulnerabilities that may arise when employees share computers. 
  • The bulk print capability, which many other solutions lacked, was successfully implemented using Salesforce.



The Salesforce solutions successfully addressed the challenges faced by the CRE8 Pharmacy Group, leading to increased order accuracy, better visibility for clinicians, and significant time-savings through self-service capabilities. The project highlighted the importance of effective communication, iterative development, and attention to detail in achieving client satisfaction and project success.

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