Customer Story: Salesforce with KIPU Integration Streamlines Intake Process

Health Cloud LogoSalesforce Streamlines The Recovery Center’s Intake Process with KIPU Integration

Company Type: Recovery Center
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Treatment and Recovery Services, Behavioral Health Coaching
Products Purchased: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Shield, and AIR Connector

Our Client, The Recovery Center, offers programs for individuals seeking treatment for Drug, Alcohol, and Eating Disorders.

Improved Patient Intake and Referral Management

The Recovery Center completes patient intake and referrals. They currently have representatives set up across several territories. These territories can be broken up geographically or based on line of business, for example general hospital vs. private practice. The Recovery Center’s expected increase in business will lead to an increase in territories, representation and overall referral volume.

The outreach team spends time with physicians at other healthcare facilities, hospitals, and private practices.  These facilities will send referrals to the outreach team who will pass them along to their remote admissions team. The admissions team goes through the intake process, which includes: demographic verification, insurance verification, and a pre-screening assessment. To ensure that the documentation process is streamlined and efficient, the Admissions team uses a document generation tool called Conga, which lives natively in Salesforce.

After the intake process is completed, the patient information is pushed to KIPU’s EMR, a healthcare software platform designed to help manage patient data. The admissions team confirms the patient information is clean, to avoid disqualifications during the intake process. The end result is a cleaner patient roster in KIPU, with less unqualified patients.  The local admissions staff can then manage scheduling and billing within a streamlined clinical database.

How Salesforce and CopperHill Helped

With all of these moving pieces, The Recovery Center needed a platform to keep tasks organized and streamlined. This is where Salesforce and CopperHill stepped in to build a system capable of maximizing efficiency among the team. We created a guided system to help keep track of where a patient is in the admissions process and to make sure that all the necessary information was captured before scheduling the patient. Along with this guided flow, we used Salesforce security and sharing settings so that the business development team could view their own personal information, and executives could see overhead counts. The Recovery Center uses Salesforce’s Platform Shield encryption tool to ensure HIPAA compliance on top of their PHI.

The Recovery Center is now able to use Salesforce reports and dashboards to keep track of various metrics, including:

  • Total Referrals by Program and Location
  • Total Admissions by Program and Location
  • Activities by Outreach Coordinator
  • Outbound Referrals by Facility
  • Total Archived Patients by Program and Location
  • Total Discharged Patients by Program and Location

CopperHill developed several additional custom solutions to enhance The Recovery Center’s processes:

  • Custom apps tailored to Admissions and Outreach teams to streamline each team’s needs
  • Ability for dynamic referent protocol instructions that push to KIPU with patients as they admit
  • Telephony Integration with CallRail to create new Referral leads base on phone number syncing

Overall, The Recovery Center’s use of Salesforce, KIPU, and other tools has helped the center streamline its patient intake process and improve efficiency companywide. 

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