Volunteering with MY BLOCK MY HOOD MY CITY and Salesforce

My Block My Hood My City logoCopperHill volunteered with Salesforce to support MY BLOCK MY HOOD MY CITY (MBMHMC). 

MBMHMC is dedicated to providing opportunities for others to step outside their comfort zone and explore new communities, cultures, and cuisines in an effort to gain a greater understanding of the world. MBMHMC aims to empower and educate youth from the local communities, primarily in South and West Chicago neighborhoods. 


Salesforce, CopperHill, and MBMHMC collaborated to clean up and clear out vacant lots in these neighborhoods that had become dumping grounds for trash, trees, debris, and weeds. “It’s a really effective way to emphasize the value of the land, and the importance of maintaining and respecting all those living in the community,” says Patrick New, Senior Account Executive at CopperHill. “Our event had an immediate impact, with the local community showing gratitude and appreciation for the assistance provided.”


The partnership across MY BLOCK MY HOOD MY CITY, Salesforce, and CopperHill demonstrated the commitment of each organization to give back to and be actively involved in local communities. CopperHill’s and Salesforce’s commitment to take a full day outside of the office, outside of a business-driven environment, in order to prioritize this did not go unnoticed. 


“It highlights the importance of involving all members of the community, bridging the gap between different areas of the city, sharing resources, and fostering a sense of unity and pride,” describes Meredith Bissonnette, CopperHill Account Executive. “Our volunteer day served as a benefit to both the present and future generations living in the neighborhood. To honor existing spaces, while looking ahead to a bright future.”


“Partnering with My Block My Hood My City was an absolute pleasure. It felt great getting out in the community and making a difference. We look forward to partnering with them again and striving to make the community a cleaner and better place!” – Adam Beckerleg

For more information about MY BLOCK MY HOOD MY CITY, please visit https://www.formyblock.org/