Customer Story: Streamlining Home Health Intake and Patient Management with Salesforce Integration

Streamlining Home Health Intake and Patient Management with Salesforce Integration

Company Type: Senior Health Care Provider
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Home Health Provider
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud (Omni-Channel), Linvio, Docusign, Textline, Integration

A Senior Health Care Provider (SHCP) faced challenges in managing the intake process and patient information. They came to CopperHill to find a solution that could streamline the process and improve patient management while reducing manual efforts. With the help of the Salesforce Platform and integration with Kareo, SCHP was able to provide a comprehensive healthcare offering that allowed them to manage the entire patient journey from new referrals to payments.

Referral Form and Provider Management

The referral process begins with a physician filling out a form for people they recommend to SCHP. This form then creates a person in Salesforce, and the SCHP team is then able to reach out to said person. Along with patients, provider contacts are also managed in Salesforce. This includes their insurances, accreditations, services provided, and the regions they serve in. Referral forms for providers are then reviewed by the intake team to determine if they want to work together. If so, the provider is created as a service provider in Kareo and then synced into Salesforce via integration.

Patient and Provider Portals

Patients have access to a community portal where they can see information about themselves, including appointments (Telehealth or in-person) and purchase services or products, such as medical equipment or nutritional supplements. The patient portal also allows patients to communicate with the SCHP team via text. For established patients, the intake process is automated with Docusign, and payments are processed through Linvio.

Providers use a community portal to view patient records, service locations, additional information, services, accreditations, and make referrals through their webform.

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Automations for Patient Intake

Automations are in place to streamline the intake process and increase efficiency. 

  • The “Generate Patient Package” button in Docusign creates a comprehensive package for new patients. 
  • The “Update Patient Assignments” button guides the intake team through the process of assigning practice, service regions, service locations, services, and providers to a new patient. 
  • The “Add New Services” flow shows services matched with insurance and expected co-pay. 
  • Payments are recorded in Linvio for easy visibility. 
  • A custom appointments component creates appointments through the Kareo integration and makes them visible throughout the various communities.

Chat Bot and Mobile Publisher

An omni-channel chat bot was made available by CopperHill and Salesforce, for patients to communicate with the SCHP team. If no one is available to respond to the patient, it creates a case for someone to follow up. The mobile publisher allows SCHP to create an app from the community and make it available on the Google Play and Apple Store. This allows for seamless communication and access to information for patients and providers.

Omni Channel
Omni-Channel Dashboard

Overall, SCHP was able to streamline their intake process and patient management through the integration of Salesforce and Kareo. With the implementation of automations, patients and providers have a seamless experience. The use of community portals and the mobile app enhances the patient experience and ensures that patients receive the appropriate care based on their location and needs. The SCHP team is now able to focus on providing excellent care rather than managing paperwork and logistics.

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