Customer Story: Herself Health Maximizes Efficiency with Salesforce and Integration

Herself Health logo

Company Name: Herself Health
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Healthcare Services, Healthcare Coaching
Location: Minnesota, United States
Products Purchased: Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, Salesforce Health Cloud and Integration

Herself Health is a primary care practice designed for women aged 65 and older. They specialize in preventative care, ongoing chronic care, everyday acute care, and mind-body wellness. Herself Health offers everything you’d expect from a primary care practice, with a special focus on the conditions that commonly affect women as they age, such as cancer care, kidney health, thyroid health, and much more.

Problems We Solved

  • Tracking Marketing Campaigns: Enabled campaign management to relate different events to referrals and measure the patient referral effectiveness.
  • Centralized Call Center: Utilized Salesforce and Amazon Web Services to implement a single integrated system capable of making and receiving calls. Also enabled a new contact center to increase associate effectiveness.
  • Interoperability through Salesforce-Elation Integration: Near real-time integration with Elation Health for medication, appointments, insurance, and patient information. We also established a cleaner EMR by utilizing Salesforce as a true lead referral management tool, and only creating persons who were ready to schedule
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Unlocked the ability to track gifts to ensure compliance with legal or government standards for the amount and type of items that can be distributed to customers.

Salesforce Implementation

CopperHill helped Herself Health implement Salesforce Health Cloud, to support patient outreach and patient management. Some of the processes we worked through for Herself Health included: gathering patient information, insurance, immunizations, vitals, allergies, creating and managing campaigns, and scheduling appointments.

Along with the Salesforce Health Cloud, CopperHill also set up a call center for Herself Health within the Salesforce Service Cloud. This center featured a standard routing system that led callers to queues, business hours, and a menu option. We added a queue to speak to the next available person, or prompted to leave a voicemail. The standard routing system is also capable of more advanced features such as allowing callbacks to customers in the queue, and voicemails that are saved in Salesforce for internal users to listen to directly. This center also utilizes Salesforce Omni-channel to increase efficiency and eliminate any communication dead-ends across email, calls, and chat.

Example of Salesforce Omni-Channel
Sample: Salesforce Omni-Channel increases efficiency and eliminates communication dead-ends across channels

Integration with Elation Health

CopperHill implemented Salesforce and Elation Health. This allowed Herself Health to break down data silos, reduce manual tasks, and eliminate errors without the heavy resource investment of building, managing, and supporting integrations.Elation Image

The integration was set up to create patients automatically in Elation once required details are updated in Salesforce. Clinicians schedule appointments, bill patients, and conduct day to day activities in Elation. The integration then reads that data, and pushes it back to Salesforce for patient follow up and tracking history. The benefits of the Elation Health Integration Accelerator are:

  • Enables interoperability and complies with the 21st Century Cures Act
  • Faster time-to-market: pre-built connectors means shorter implementation timelines
  • Scalable and cost-effective: a fully managed, outsourced solution is less expensive than building a custom integrations
  • Keeps data secure data: HIPAA and BAA compliant and adheres to the principle of least privilege

One Partner That Does it All

One of the most challenging aspects CopperHill faced during implementation was the timeline constraint. We were able to complete the project within an expedited timeline to push their project through before Herself Health began receiving patients. The Health Cloud data model and our integration expertise allowed us to work within an expedited timeline. 

Herself Health team now uses Salesforce to:

  • Maximize efficiency and eliminate swivel chair with the Salesforce-Elation integration
  • Improve processes surrounding patient referrals and patient management
  • Increase customer satisfaction and eliminate communication issues through omni-channel customer service call center

For more information about our Salesforce solutionsintegration capabilities, or how we can implement applications, please contact us.