Salesforce’s Unified Health Scoring: Revolutionizing Healthcare Management

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, it’s more important than ever to have an improved understanding of your patients’ health status. However, with so many data points to consider, it can be challenging to paint a complete picture of each patient’s unique health profile. That’s where Salesforce’s Patient Unified Health Scoring (UHS) is beneficial, providing healthcare providers with a powerful new tool for managing patient health.

So, what exactly is Unified Health Scoring? At its core, UHS is a data-driven approach to patient health management that leverages cutting-edge machine learning and AI technologies to analyze patient data and create a comprehensive health score. This score takes into account a wide range of factors, including patient data, lifestyle and behavioral factors, demographic information, and many other details, allowing healthcare providers to gain a more holistic view of each patient’s health.


One of the key benefits of Unified Health Scoring is its ability to identify patients who may be at risk of developing certain conditions or experiencing health complications. By analyzing data across multiple sources, the platform can identify potential risk factors and provide early warnings to healthcare providers, allowing them to intervene before a problem becomes more serious.

In addition to identifying potential health risks, Unified Health Scoring can also be used to monitor patient progress over time. By tracking changes in a patient’s health score, healthcare providers can measure the effectiveness of various treatments and interventions, and adjust their approach as needed to ensure optimal outcomes. This benefit makes UHS an imperative addition to patient treatment and enhances the impact that providers have by creating a system where they can make data informed decisions to provide the best possible patient care. 


Salesforce Health Cloud

Unified Health Scoring is made up of two main components. The first is the Customer Data Platform (CDP) which is responsible for running calculations, manipulating, and filtering patient data. The second component is Health Cloud. Data is updated in Health Cloud and then the data points are pushed securely into CDP. CDP then recognizes these points and runs calculations to push the score into Health Cloud. Based on this information, and the history of the patient, providers, or care coordinators can make changes to care plans accordingly.

Fern Health and UHS

We’re currently working with Fern Health to implement Unified Health Scoring inside their Health Cloud. Our work with Fern allows them to:

  • Update patient records
  • Monitor patient scores
  • Schedule follow ups
  • Add patients to wellness programs
  • Trigger flows

Overall, Salesforce’s Unified Health Scoring is a game-changer in healthcare management, offering a powerful new tool for managing patient health. By leveraging the power of Salesforce Health Cloud this platform is helping to drive better outcomes for patients around the world.