Customer Story: Salesforce with Integrations Enables Interoperability for a Biopharmaceutical Company

Salesforce with integrations enables interoperability and improves patient care for a Biopharmaceutical CompanySalesforce Pharmacy Picture

Company Type: Biopharmaceutical Company
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Sub-Industry: Rx
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Integration

A Biopharmaceutical Company (BC) is dedicated to transforming the care of people living with rare genetic diseases and developing therapeutics for the treatment of those diseases. 

Need for Organizational Scaling

BC was using a suite of Microsoft products to store their patient and prescription information. The FDA recently approved a new treatment for use in individuals with a specific rare disease diagnosis. This opened up a wave of new potential patients for BC. As more individuals started using this treatment for the diagnosis, BC needed a way to scale their organization and support growth. Salesforce Logo

The answer: Salesforce Health Cloud with integrations! 

CopperHill implemented Health Cloud and integrated it with multiple systems, including internal data warehouses, specialty pharmacy databases, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The integration included custom built APIs to show real-time updates and accurate information inside Health Cloud. This upgrade to the Salesforce platform allows BC to properly and securely handle a new influx of potential patients, prescriptions, and patient data. 

Easy to View Patient Timeline

CopperHill leveraged Health Cloud’s Patient Timeline component to bring the most important patient interactions into view for the BC team.


Health Cloud Patient Timeline
Sample Health Cloud Patient Timeline


For example: A patient meets with their doctor to learn about treatment, the doctor prescribes the drug through BC, and then they fulfill the prescription at a specialty pharmacy. The drug is then shipped to the patient’s doorstep, and the patient uses the drug as directed. 

With the Health Cloud Patient Timeline, the BC team has visibility into each step of this process. This Patient Timeline even includes a custom object called “Shipments” that tracks and updates as the drug is shipped to when it hits the patient’s doorstep. 

Improved Patient Management

Usage of medications is monitored in Salesforce to help BC better manage its patients. The BC team can check and update general dosages and other biometrics data points inside of Health Cloud. By documenting dosage and other biometric data, they can monitor patient progress and modify dosages as needed. 

Salesforce gives BC a 360-degree view of its patients, from pharmacy interactions, dosages, shipments, and biometric monitoring to marketing activity. This helps the team provide better care and improve patient outcomes.

Patient Education

BC integrated Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Health Cloud with the long term goal of sending personalized, relevant communications and support materials to patients. They want to educate patients on how to properly take medication, send proactive tips on how to deal with side effects, and instill confidence in the newly approved drug’s effectiveness. Most importantly, they can do all of this while adhering to patient consent and communication preferences. 

CopperHill configured and integrated the Salesforce platform for BC to scale as business grows, enable interoperability across business systems, and ultimately provide better care for its patients. 

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