Customer Story: Advantage Behavioral Health Improves Scalability with Salesforce and AIR Connector

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Company Name: Advantage Behavioral Health Network
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Provider / Behavioral and Mental Health Services
Location: New Jersey, United States
Products Purchased: Salesforce: Health Cloud, Inbox, AIR Connector, and NICE InContact

Advantage Behavioral Health Network (AB Health Network) is a provider of mental and behavioral health services. It offers programs and services related to the treatment of anxiety, depression, ADHD, addiction, PTSD, and much more. 

Migrate to Health Cloud

AB Health Network needed a way to scale and support organizational growth. The team was working inside Zoho, but faced administrative inefficiencies and data challenges that slowed them down. 

Salesforce Health Cloud is pre-configured to properly handle the high-volume influx of potential patients and patient data that AB Health Network is expecting. Right out of the gate, this was a big improvement for AB Health Network. The team also benefits from Salesforce’s powerful reporting engine to run comprehensive data analytics and track trends across its clinic locations and services.

salesforce-health-cloudStreamlined Patient Intake 

One of AB Health Network’s top priorities was to ensure accurate data capture and transfer between its business and clinical systems.

CopperHill flexed its Health Cloud experience by creating the necessary custom objects to support AB Health Network’s business model. This included the creation of flows and layered automations to establish extensive guardrails, simplify the end-user experience, and ultimately streamline the patient intake steps and track referrals:

  • New Referral Information
  • Insurance Verification
  • Billing Details
  • Secondary Treatments

After the patient intake process is completed in Salesforce, this triggers an integration with AdvancedMD, AB Health Network’s EHR. 

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EHR Integration and Computer Telephony Integration with Salesforce

Actionable, accurate data is key for AB Health Network’s ambitious growth plans. One way we support this initiative is through the Salesforce-AdvancedMD integration.

The CopperHill team used AIR Connector, a middleware tool with a prebuilt AdvancedMD integration, to keep costs low and establish the sync more quickly than building from scratch. It is a HIPAA compliant solution that aligns Health Cloud with AdvancedMD’s data model.

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When a user at AB Health Network creates a new patient in Health Cloud, after all the intake steps are completed, a new patient is automatically created in AdvancedMD. All the relevant details from Salesforce are sent over to the clinical system. Providers can access this record immediately inside AdvancedMD. 

Similarly, as a provider updates the Patient inside AdvancedMD, certain data is passed back to Health Cloud so AB Health Network users always have the most up-to-date information. The Salesforce-AdvancedMD integration eliminates the need for duplicate data entry. This saves time, ensures accurate data across both systems, and provides better patient and end-user experiences.


This is especially important after CopperHill integrated NICE inContact, a Computer Telephony system with Salesforce. Call center employees at AB Health Network are able to work efficiently inside Salesforce and can easily access the full history of existing referrals and patients. 

This not only saves time, it also keeps AB Health Network’s data clean. CTI takes away the manual steps of inquiring about callers and their past treatments, prevents duplicate leads, and improves the patient experience.

Project Success

The AB Health Network team chose to work with CopperHill based on its expertise with Health Cloud, EHR integrations, and CTI. 

AB Health Network is positioned to succeed thanks to the team’s ability to make informed decisions relating to referrals and services, eliminate administrative burdens, and improve patient experiences.

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