Customer Story: MicroTransponder uses Health Cloud and Automations to support growth

MicroTransponder Logo

Company Name: MicroTransponder
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Medical Device
Location: Texas, United States
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, Conga

MicroTransponder is a medical device company aimed at improving the quality of life for patients with chronic neurological conditions. MicroTransponder has created a new medical device that offers patients that have neurological conditions, such as stroke victims, the opportunity to regain the use of their limbs and/or fingers. This new medical device uses advanced technology that just became available this year. It has a high demand and high growth potential. MicroTransponder needed a way to support their plans for expansion. This is where CopperHill and Salesforce were brought in to help.


Automations, Custom Buttons, and Better Visibility

CopperHill and Salesforce were able to work with MicroTransponder to increase the team’s capacity, improve processes, and remove manual data entry. We built powerful automations inside Salesforce to enable MicroTransponder to grow their business and enable efficiencies.

  • Qualify and convert patient leads. Guided screen flows help the sales team capture relevant information from prospective patients, save progress, and follow the MicroTransponder qualification process.
  • Personalized patient registration cards. Conga integrates with Salesforce to generate personalized patient registration cards based on validated information input to Salesforce. Registration cards are used to track which devices have been sold or implanted to which facilities, surgeons and patients for a full patient 360-degree view.
  • Faster patient onboarding. Custom buttons and objects for new prior-authorizations and new evaluations for streamlined information capture. Case details are pulled into to actions to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry by the MicroTransponder team
  • Cases for visibility into the full surgical process. From evaluation to completion, Cases are used inside Salesforce for the MicroTransponder team to follow up with patients through the surgical process, track prior-authorizations, surgery schedules, and additional therapy.
  • Validated asset tracking. MicroTransponder uses Salesforce to formally track its serialized devices to know exactly where every device is at all times, whether it is in a hospital’s inventory or implanted in a patient.
  • Build and manage hospital and referring physician relationships. Opportunities in Salesforce enable the MicroTransponder team to manage referrals, train physicians, and establish hospital relationships to help forecast sales and utilization.

MedTech Innovation for Health Cloud

Salesforce helps the MicroTransponder team work more efficiently with more accurate data. Implementing the Salesforce platform led to a decrease in time spent on patient qualification and onboarding, improved visibility into device tracking, referrals, and the patient surgical process, and an overall easier experience for the MicroTransponder users.

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