Customer Story: Healthcare Collective Eliminates Data Surplus with Salesforce and CopperHill

Health Cloud LogoHealthcare Collective Transforms Data with Salesforce and CopperHill

Company Name: Healthcare Collective
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Healthcare Payer
Location: Texas, United States
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, and AIR Platform

Healthcare Collective leverages world-class technology to elevate the patient experience. It helps employees plus their dependents receive access to direct primary care providers either through an office or a virtual Telehealth visit.

Experience Cloud Provides Support for Employers and Partners

Healthcare Collective uses Salesforce Experience Cloud to connect both with employers and with business partners.

A Customer Community is available for Healthcare Collective employer benefit managers to access knowledge articles, request support, and ask questions. This offers benefit managers a direct line to the Healthcare Collective service team. Salesforce Cases are created to ensure prompt and efficient follow up. 

Healthcare Collective also offers business partners access to a Partner Community. It allows them to access a subset of Salesforce reports to understand utilization and opportunities for growth. 


Salesforce Logo

Need for Enhanced Reporting

Healthcare Collective utilizes data point tracking within its benefit plans to determine opportunities for growth: how many employees work at a company, how many people signed up for a plan, how many claims were submitted, and more. 

This worked for a while, but Healthcare Collective outgrew the standard Salesforce reporting functionality. The team was working in data silos, with large quantities of data, and across multiple systems. Healthcare Collective needed a simple and efficient way to integrate their systems, combine data, run calculations, and present enhanced reports. 

Healthcare Collective also wanted to provide business partners with transparency into these reports, with privacy restrictions, to make smarter decisions and increase completed sales.

With such a large amount of data flowing in and out of Salesforce, Healthcare Collective needed a true business intelligence solution with integration to their Health Cloud.

Business Intelligence that Elevates the Patient Experience

CopperHill leveraged the power of the AIR Platform with Salesforce to properly handle Healthcare Collectives’ data surplus.

Healthcare Collective leaned on CopperHill’s ability to integrate with multiple platforms to share data. CopperHill used the AIR Platform to integrate across multiple systems and pull in data around Claims, Prescriptions, Visits, Labs, Member Plans, and Benefits Coverage to see a 360 degree view of their beneficiaries. 

AIR Connect logoAIR Connector pulls and transforms Healthcare Collective’ data across its different systems. AIR Platform, built on AWS, stores and aggregates all of Healthcare Collective’s data while providing enhanced and interactive reports. This makes it accessible to Healthcare Collective employees and partners to understand utilization.

Salesforce’s Health Cloud’s Data Model supports these integrations and enables better, secure data sharing with business Partners. Salesforce Experience Cloud allows Healthcare Collective to connect more easily with benefit managers and partners. 

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