Want to Unlock the True Value of Your Data? Snowflake Can Help!

Want to Unlock the True Value of Your Data? Snowflake Can Help!

Data Integration has become essential for businesses looking to scale, grow, and improve their data management. The process of combining data from multiple sources into a data warehouse allows users to obtain insights and valuable information from the integrated data across the business.

It seems like a big lift, but taking a phased approach means it doesn’t have to be. 


Snowflake can help!

Snowflake Inc. is a cloud computing–based data warehousing company that allows corporate users to store and analyze data using cloud-based software. Snowflake is a true SaaS offering because there is no hardware, virtually no software to install, and ongoing maintenance is handled by Snowflake. This makes for an easy tool to start architecting a data warehouse or data lake.

Snowflake built a warehouse that harnesses the immense power of the cloud, for example Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, and allows storage and compute to scale independently. They engineered these platforms so thousands of organizations have seamless access to explore, share, and interact with their data. 

Whether you’re moving data into Snowflake for storage or extracting insights out of the data warehouse, CopperHill with AIR Connector can help you realize the true value of your data as a company asset. 

Technical Benefits of Snowflake

  • Security: Snowflake with AIR Connector handles end-to-end encryption and automatically encrypts the data in transport and at rest. You are able to isolate your data in Snowflake with VPC/VPN options as well as create least-privileged user access for data governance. 
  • Processing Power: Snowflake utilizes columnar storage, meaning data is stored by columns instead of rows, and parallel processing, which computes separate parts of the overall tasks that are broken up. This will allow for simultaneous querying of the warehouse which will save your analytical team a lot of time when processing large jobs.
  • Optimized Performance: Snowflake articulates that its performance is driven by its architectural design that supports structured and semi-structured data. It’s designed to treat the storage, compute, and cloud services separately to optimize their independent performances.
  • Scalability: Snowflake also offers concurrency-scaling features, which adds and removes computational capacity to handle ever-changing demand, and machine learning to really add value to their warehouses. 

How CopperHill Can Help

We leverage AIR Connector to simplify integration needs and enable interoperability. The AIR Connector Snowflake Accelerator uses pre-built connections to Snowflake other systems, such as Salesforce, AWS, EMRs/EHRs, and more. It allows for fast, flexible implementations and accelerates the secure flow of clean. Learn more about AIR Connector hereAIR Connect Logo