Customer Story: Private Medical Simplifies Patient Intake with AIR Connector

Private Medical Simplifies Patient Intake with AIR ConnectorPrivate Medical Logo

Company Name: Private Medical
Industry:  Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Provider – PCP
Products Purchased: AIR Connector

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Project Goals

  • Enhance and automate Private Medical’s patient-intake workflows to simplify the care process.
  • Successful relaunch of Elation Health as Private Medical’s EHR
  • Utilize AIR Connector to transfer information between Salesforce and Elation Health
  • Decrease manual inputs, double efforts, and data errors

Eliminate Duplicate Efforts

Private Medical utilizes AIR Connector, Salesforce, and Elation Health to save time, eliminate duplicate tasks, reduce manual entries, and prevent errors from manual updates. Private Medical can now seamlessly share information such as scheduling, patient intake details, appointments, and clinical information between Elation Health and Salesforce.

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Patient Intake Simplified Through AIR Connector

Implementing AIR Connector has allowed Private Medical to efficiently provide medical care through an easy-to-follow patient intake process. Patient information, such as name, address, and other demographic details, is captured inside Salesforce. Once the intake process is completed, AIR Connector automatically pushes that patient and information over to Elation Health, creating a new patient record in the EHR. Prior to AIR Connector, this patient creation process needed to be completed twice – one time in each system.

Once a patient books their first visit with Private Medical, their appointments are created inside Salesforce and data is pushed to Elation Health in real-time. Some examples of initial visit data that are transferred between platforms are patient demographics, visit status, and Visit Notes.

Visit Notes are a brief synopsis of what the patient is coming in for, or any other important information for providers. These notes hold data in Salesforce, and then create the Visit Notes template in Elation Health. Elation Health then displays the Visit Notes to the Provider to whom it was assigned. Private Medical would need to manually create the appointment for the visit and then manually open a Visit Note to document the clinical details of the visit. Now with AIR Connector, once the appointment is scheduled the Visit Note is automatically created and the clinical teams can document and sign off on their notes in an efficient manner.

Elation ImageSecurity and Transparency

With the assistance of AIR Connector and our internal webhook system, Private Medical integrated their platform with Salesforce and Elation Health. Not only is the data able to transfer successfully but it aligns with all HIPAA compliance policies. Additionally, the Elation-Salesforce integration lets the Private Medical team use Salesforce’s powerful reporting capabilities with data from Elation. This will offer a lot of transparency into which services, treatments, and tests are performed. It will also give Private Medical the ability to track physician referrals for new members, and report on those referrals. 

AIR Connector is built on AWS. It leverages the world’s most powerful computing platform and cutting edge technology. By using AWS products, we can offer a middleware tool that is more efficient, scalable, and secure than similar products. 

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Opportunities in the Future

CopperHill is excited to expand the Salesforce-Elation Health connection at Private Medical. Plans for enhanced data sharing include:

  • More clinical data, including lab tests, vitals, allergies, pharmacies
  • Benefits verification and insurance details
  • Ability to track and report on physician referrals for new members

For more information about how we integrate Salesforce and Elation Health with AIR Connector, please contact us. For more information about Private Medical, please visit Private Medical.