Customer Story: Daybreak Health closes public health data gap with CopperHill

Daybreak Health closes public health data gap with CopperHillDaybreak Health Logo

Company Type: Daybreak Health
Industry:  Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Provider
Products Purchased: AWS S3, AWS Rekognition, AWS Lambda, and AWS API Gateway

Daybreak Health focuses on providing human-centric clinical care and expanding health accessibility through technology. Daybreak is a trusted COVID-19 solutions provider, having provided thousands of diagnostic tests and vaccinations throughout the pandemic. They offer reliable health services in community settings and will soon expand their clinical offerings beyond COVID-19 to include primary care, sexual health, and LGBTQ+ health. 

This week, Daybreak is furthering its profound impact on public health. Their new Rapid Antigen Test Scanner makes it easy for individuals to self-report home COVID-19 antigen test results and eliminate the confusion of determining a positive or negative result.

“Rapid tests are everywhere now. You can buy them in pharmacies, grocery stores, they are being given away for free by the government,” says Don Steinert, CTO at Daybreak Health. “But so few people report those test results. It is resulting in a huge gap and skew in public health data.”

Daybreak’s solution lies within their simple mobile app. Individuals take a photo of their at-home test using the Daybreak app or upload a photo of their recent test. The photo is determined to contain a positive or negative test result, along with a confidence score. The photo, results, and confidence score are then saved to that person’s medical record. Similarly, Daybreak passes the positive or negative result to regional databases for a more accurate local infection count and positivity rate calculation.

Daybreak App take picture

Daybreak Health app with negative test result

Daybreak leaned on CopperHill’s AWS expertise to build the infrastructure powering the app:

Amazon Rekognition Logo

Amazon Rekognition

Machine Learning: CopperHill used AWS Rekognition to build the training model for Daybreak and determine whether the image contains a positive or negative test result, along with a confidence score.

Amazon S3 LogoAmazon S3

Cloud Object Storage via an Amazon S3 bucket to securely store training and testing images for the creation of the model, as well as patient rapid antigen test images analyzed by Rekognition.

AWS API Gateway LogoAmazon API Gateway

Manage APIs to regional patient databases through Amazon’s API Gateway to securely report positive and negative test results.

Amazon Lambda LogoAmazon Lambda

Utilization of proprietary code along with existing AWS Products and AWS Lambda allows the test results to be performed efficiently and scale.



“From a tech perspective, It is easy to make things complicated. CopperHill helped simplify what we wanted to accomplish, which was not an easy feat,” describes Steinert. “Our philosophies gel. We’re excited to keep growing with support from CopperHill.”

“This partnership that we have with Daybreak Health is outstanding and, in my humble opinion, a partnership that will bring forward some pretty incredible technical advances in patient care,” says Paul Kukk, CTO at CopperHill. He continues, “The vision that Daybreak has in where they want to go with healthcare, and their passion to make patient care not only better but more simple for the patient is something we can get behind here at Copperhill. I am personally very much looking forward to a long partnership with Daybreak and excited to take patient care to the next level!”

More info about Daybreak Health can be found at Please contact us to learn more about CopperHill’s AWS experience.