Customer Story: Women’s Health Practice improves processes and patient security with Salesforce and CopperHill

Women’s Health Practice improves processes and patient security with Salesforce and CopperHill

Company Type: Women’s Health PracticeHealth Cloud Logo
Industry:  Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Digital Health / Health Coaching
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud & Experience Cloud, AIR Connect

Women’s Health Practice is a leading maternity and family benefits solution for employers and health plans. Its benefits help women and parents grow their families and their careers, while reducing healthcare costs, improving clinical outcomes, and helping employers retain and attract talent.

Salesforce LogoImplementing Salesforce has provided Women’s Health Practice the opportunity to streamline more efficient business processes for their health coaches, case managers & members. The healthcare company’s internal health coaches utilize Salesforce Health Cloud to support day-to-day activities and workflows, whereas its case managers utilize Salesforce Experience Cloud. Members interact with Women’s Health Practice and access pregnancy, fertility, and parenting services through their proprietary mobile application that is integrated with Salesforce.

Project Goals:

  • Enhance Women’s Health Practice patient-treatment workflows to simplify the care process.
  • Enable HIPAA compliant, secure messaging between members and coaches that is integrated with Salesforce and Women’s Health Practice’s proprietary mobile app.
  • Customize layouts, fields and automations that are appropriate for Women’s Health Practice different business verticals, such as, internal and external health coaches serving different roles at Women’s Health Practice.
  • Make Care Plans accessible to external nurse case managers
  • Access reporting and data analysis related to coaching metrics, daily messaging tracking, appointment tracking & care finding tracking details.

Utilizing AIR Connect & Salesforce to protect Patient Sensitive Information 

AIR Connect logoWomen’s Health Practice complies with all HIPAA and other healthcare policies, thus secure data – including messages, patient-health information (PHI), treatment details – is imperative to have a successful business model.

With the assistance of AIR Connect, Women’s Health Practice integrated their entire mobile platform, including the custom messaging component, with Salesforce. Not only is the data able to transfer successfully but it aligns with all HIPAA compliance policies. It allows coaches internally and externally to securely access data and ensure patient safety is top priority.

Experience Cloud logoMessaging and patient information are vital data components for Women’s Health Practice. However, the permissions, types of data, and visibility settings for Women’s Health Practice coaches can vary. Women’s Health Practice internal health coaches utilized Salesforce’s Health Cloud to support business processes and align with patient care. Experience Cloud was implemented for nurse case managers, working at Women’s Health Practice payor clients and partners. They serve as external coaches and Experience Cloud allows for a simplified process to provide care for the coaches’ patients.

A More Efficient Process for Internal & External Health Coaches 

The platform needed a unique configuration design strategy and automations to lessen clicks for Women’s Health Practice coaches. Fewer clicks equate to less risk of human error, which leads to cleaner data and better, safer patient care.

  • Contact & Account Management: Accounts and Patient Care Plans are assigned to users with assignment rules, and specific permission sets keep individuals focused on their relationships.
  • Visibility to Custom Messaging: To stay in-line with HIPAA’s requests, CopperHill built a custom messaging application for Women’s Health Practice using Salesforce Lightning Web Components and Apex. The team integrated it with the Women’s Health Practice App to allow the Women’s Health Practice custom-inbox system to transfer data appropriately to coaches. 
  • Access Assessment Information: With the assistance of Salesforce and its integration with Women’s Health Practice mobile apps, Women’s Health Practice employees and external coaches can view communication history, submitted assessments, and appointment details.  

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