Customer Story: MedArrive expands access to care with Salesforce & Health Cloud Implementation

MedArrive logoCompany Name: MedArrive
Industry:  Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Healthcare Services
Headquarters: New York, NY
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud & Sales Cloud 

MedArrive enables healthcare providers to seamlessly extend care services into the home, unlocking access to high-quality healthcare for more people at a fraction of the cost. MedArrive’s solutions allow providers and payers to bridge the virtual care gap by connecting physician-led telemedicine with hands-on care from EMS professionals. This unique approach means that patients can access trusted medical expertise from the comfort and safety of their homes without any interruption to the continuity of care, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes, a better-utilized healthcare workforce, and significant cost savings for patients and providers alike. MedArrive has more than 20k highly skilled EMS providers in its national network, and services span dozens of clinical use cases.


Salesforce Logo

Organizing MedArrive’s new business model in Salesforce was a tremendous upgrade from a data capturing & security standpoint. Advancing to a more reliable & secure process, compared to relying on Google Sheets & manual documentation, like they were previously using was imperative. Transitioning to Salesforce has streamlined these processes, enabled accurate reporting, and given the MedArrive team the ability to track sales activity. With MedArrive’s team rapidly growing, it was imperative for MedArrive’s future CRM platform to capture and report on clean data. They also required a system that can be a source of truth for all its business initiatives. 


Project Goals and Results:

  • Track the activities and history of MedArrive’s sales team to capture successes and challenges in their processes and pipeline through Salesforce. Greater efficiency ultimately provides more affordable healthcare.
  • Leverage Salesforce’s Reporting & Dashboards to provide MedArrive clean metrics and improve business decisions. 
  • Install Einstein Analytics & Activity Capture and supply customizations to sync MedArrive’s email and calendar with Salesforce.
  • Automate the process of assigning tasks and follow up activities to MedArrive team members based on customized criteria. Health Cloud logo
  • Customize layouts, fields and automations that are appropriate for MedArrive’s different business verticals, such as capturing information regarding EMS providers & insurance companies offered by its services. 
  • Stand up Health Cloud to allow the MedArrive team to expand health care specific functionality as their team continues to grow. 
  • Utilize a system that supports HIPAA compliant security settings and requirements. 

A Customized Sales Calculator 

Making use of Salesforce has also provided the MedArrive’s sales team with unique configuration that can accommodate its specific workflows and pricing estimates. CopperHill built a custom calculator that factors in sales variables, such as MedArrive’s product types, quantity, and additional services that may apply. The combination of data points formulates a custom & accurate cost.


Utilizing Einstein Activity Capture Einstein Activity Capture logo

Managing communication and events with prospective & current clients can be difficult. With the aid of Einstein Activity Capture, that process has been cleaned up & simplified. The tool allows MedArrive to keep data between Salesforce and its Gmail and calendar applications up to date and in sync. 

  • Emails are automatically added to MedArrive’s activity timeline of related account, contact, lead and opportunity records. Emails sent from Salesforce go through the connected email account for a seamless user experience.  
  • Events/ Contacts are shared between Med Arrive’s Salesforce users and their Google accounts. Lead & Contact records can be related to MedArrive’s events, making them  available for reporting. 

“The CopperHill team helped us stand up a Salesforce instance and provided valuable guidance on configuration possibilities and options.  In particular, we benefit from the seamless integration of Einstein Activity Capture which they presented as an option to capture our communications with our customers and potential customers.”- Bryant Hutson, Vice President of Business Development

With MedArrive’s internal team and workload growing, they are now equipped with a system that can better suit patient care. With the help of Salesforce, there are now less clicks and more accurate & safer patient data for its treatment processes. This will, ultimately, improve the quality of healthcare for MedArrive’s patients.

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