Customer Story: Patient Billing Corporation geared for growth with successful Salesforce Implementation

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Patient Billing Company geared for growth with successful Salesforce Implementation

Company Type: Patient Billing Corporation
Industry:  Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Patient Billing
Headquarters: CT, United States
Products Purchased: Salesforce Sales Cloud

Project Goals:

  • Formalize processes to support scalability and growth through PBC’s business. 
  • Centralize and enhance data to make better, more-informed decisions for Sales & Service teams
  • Improve reporting efforts to build business development, utilize lead generation, and improve sales metrics. 
  • Upgrade to Salesforce from Insightly to meet the need for a more efficient platform to capture and report on their data.

A Patient Billing Corporation  (PBC) aids medical-billing companies regarding patient billing, payment & communication. Its products ensure medical-billing businesses become more effective and profitable.

Utilizing Salesforce has allowed PBC’s Sales & Service teams the opportunity to work more efficiently with healthcare billers and help align them with special practices such as Dental Care, Oncology, Surgery, etc. 

The platform has also enabled a more streamlined process, communicating with potential & current clients than their previous CRM platform. The team at PBC worked with Salesforce and CopperHill to optimize Salesforce and a third-party marketing application.

Sample: Sakes Cloud
Sample: Sales Cloud can help grow your accounts faster, find new customers faster, and close deals faster.

Optimize Salesforce and Simplifying Business Processes For Service Team

PBC was a new customer of Salesforce when they contracted with CopperHill to implement the system. The company’s Salesforce experience was minimal. They understood it was the best way to grow and evolve the business with their unique data matrix. 

Salesforce needed a unique configuration strategy and automations to lessen clicks for the Sales & Service departments business processes. Less clicks equates to less human error, which leads to cleaner data.

  • Lead, Contact, Account & Case Management: Lead routing, accounts and cases assigned to users with assignment rules, and specific permission sets keep individuals focused on their relationships.
  • Transparency into Opportunities and Activities: The PBC Service team was able to pinpoint billers and practices based on a stronger org to manage opportunities and engagement. Management now has visibility to sales and marketing effectiveness. 
  • Integrated Marketing Platform: CopperHill successfully implemented a third-party marketing system to Salesforce. In the process, enabling PBC’s Service team to send personalized, relevant communications to leads and contacts, assign follow up tasks, and measure ROI.

Capture Data inside Salesforce

PBC’s sales team works directly with medical billing partners and takes advantage of Salesforce’s capabilities to match them to healthcare practices. With the help of the platform’s reporting and dashboard functionalities, PBC’s sales opportunities are far more accurate.  

With the security, structure, and organization within Salesforce the team can work directly in the org. It is similar for PBC’s team to partner billers and practices together to strengthen their own business model.  

CopperHill helped PBC customize their Reporting and Dashboard functionalities within Salesforce, capturing the precise data needed across multiple fields and objects

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