Customer Story: Assisted Living uses Salesforce & AIR Engage Telehealth to offer easy and accessible support

Assisted Living uses Salesforce & AIR Engage Telehealth to offer easy and accessible support

Salesforce LogoCompany Type: Assisted Living and Nursing Facility
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Senior Living Facility
Products Purchased: Salesforce Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, Omni-Channel, CopperHill AIR Engage Telehealth

An Assisted Living Facility needed a better way to provide mental and emotional support to its residents. The team wanted to leverage the benefits of telehealth – efficient, quality care and accessible across a broad patient base. However, they had very strict requirements to make sure the tool was easy to use for its elderly residents. They found the perfect fit with Salesforce and CopperHill AIR Engage

Easy Access to Mental and Emotional Support

The Assisted Living Facility gives each resident a tablet with one application on it. The resident has three options to choose from:

  1. Call for Emergency Services – “I have an emergency”
  2. Call for Non-Emergency but immediate services – “I need to or I’d like to speak with someone now”
  3. Schedule a Call with Non-Emergency Services – “I’d like to speak with someone at a future date and time”

Sample request an appointment
Sample: Patients can request an appointment through AIR Engage

Behind the scenes, Salesforce and AIR Engage automate the following workflows through the resident’s actions:

  1. Clicking the Emergency Services icon connects the resident directly to 911. A support case is created inside Salesforce for that resident, noting that the resident took that action. It also assigns a task for a healthcare provider to check-in with the resident.
  2. Clicking the Non-Emergency Services icon triggers a video meeting between the resident and a provider. It creates a case and an available provider joins the telehealth meeting right inside Salesforce through AIR Engage. The resident is connected to the video call in the tablet application. 
  3. Clicking the Schedule a Call icon lets the resident choose a date and time for a video call with a provider. The self-scheduling component of AIR Engage exposes dates and times that a provider is available. When it is time to join the scheduled call, the provider starts the session from AIR Engage inside Salesforce. That action pushes a notification to the resident’s tablet indicating that it is time to begin and to accept the incoming video call. 

Sample Join from Salesforce
Sample: AIR Engage enables users to join telehealth sessions right inside Salesforce

For each type of appointment, Salesforce Cases are created and used to track call details and notes. Omni-Channel is also used in each appointment to route calls, cases, and meeting requests to appropriate and available providers. 

Salesforce Service Cloud with Omni-Channel and AIR Engage offer this assisted living facility’s residents easy and accessible mental and emotional support. 

Omni Channel
Sample: Omni-Channel routes calls, cases, and meeting requests to appropriate and available providers

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