Customer Story: Teknova integrates AWS with Salesforce to improve customer service

Teknova integrates AWS with Salesforce to improve customer service

Teknova LogoCompany Name: Teknova
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Biotechnology
Products Purchased: Salesforce Service Cloud, Omni-Channel, Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect, Salesforce Web Chat, AWS Transcribe

Teknova is a biotechnology company that provides its customers with critical reagents for bioprocessing, bioproduction, and molecular diagnostics. To provide a more streamlined, personalized customer experience, Teknova worked with CopperHill to leverage the power of AWS inside Salesforce.

Salesforce LogoImproved Inbound Call Experience

Amazon Connect LogoVisitors can find a single, toll-free phone number on Teknova’s website to call – no matter if they are looking for information about pricing, orders, technical service, or general support.

Behind the scenes, Service Cloud Voice powered by Amazon Connect and Salesforce automations work to improve the customer’s inbound call experience by:

  • Checking Business Hours: The very first automation looks at the call time. If the caller contacts Teknova outside of business hours, the caller is directed to leave a voicemail message. If the call is during business hours set by Teknova, the caller progresses to the next step and is asked to select from menu prompts.
  • Selecting from Menu Prompts: The caller is prompted to choose from several options based on the nature of their request and is moved to the next step to speak to an agent that supports that type of inquiry.
  • Assigning to Queue: The caller is routed into Salesforce to a specific queue based on the prompt they select. The system uses Omni-Channel to work through the queue and connect the caller with an available agent. If all agents are busy, the caller is given the option to leave a voicemail and receive a callback. The caller may elect to remain in the queue until an agent is available.

Omni Channel
Sample: Omni-Channel Assignments and Routing

  • Creating a Case from Voicemail: CopperHill customized Case management and the Salesforce integration with Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect to create a new case for every voicemail Teknova receives. Voicemail messages are converted to text using AWS Transcribe, and the text is attached to the newly created case within Salesforce, along with the recording. Teknova leverages Omni-Channel to assign these Cases to appropriate service agents for follow-up.
  • Matching Phone Numbers: A caller’s history with Teknova, including past calls, past purchases, service requests, etc., is presented to the Teknova service agent along with the new Case when the caller dials from a phone number that already exists within Teknova’s Salesforce instance. Additionally, if the caller is an existing customer but dialing from a new number, the agent can associate that new Case with an existing Lead, Account, or Contact within Salesforce.

Better Transparency and Reporting

Using Salesforce with Service Cloud Voice gives Teknova visibility into their service calls and requests. They now have the ability to measure the number of calls received for the different types of support, hold patterns, duration of calls, and more important details required to appropriately service its customers. All of this phone data is stored inside AWS and pushed into Salesforce.

Service Cloud Voice
Sample: Call Center Management with Service Cloud Voice

Teknova now uses Salesforce’s live chat and email-to-case features instead of disparate technologies. These channels can also identify existing customers by email address or IP address, update existing customers, or create new ones.

Having all three support channels connected to Salesforce gives Teknova better visibility into its service data, and the ability to use Salesforce’s powerful reporting capabilities to analyze that data. This also gives Teknova a better, more holistic view of customer interactions across the different communication channels, including live chat, email, and phone, while providing a single source of truth for customer data and history.

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