Customer Story: Salesforce and integrations eliminate administrative burdens for Plastic Surgery SC

Salesforce and integrations eliminate administrative burdens for Plastic Surgery SC

Company Type: Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Specialty Clinic – Outpatient
Products Purchased: Salesforce Assessment, Salesforce Service Cloud, AIR Connector, Conga, Linvio, CTI Integration, Scheduling Integration, Quickbooks Integration
Headquarters: CA, USA

A Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Specialty Clinic (Plastic Surgery SC) purchased Salesforce several years ago but users were dissatisfied with the implementation and adoption was low. Instead, they relied on a simple Single Touch Payroll software that lacked the robust features that the Salesforce platform offers. Plastic Surgery SC knew the team needed the power of Salesforce in order to support its exponential growth.

Salesforce LogoProject Goals

  • Assess and optimize existing Salesforce org
  • Streamline appointment management
  • Simplify and automate quote generation and billing
  • Improve prospect and patient communications

A Valuable Technical Assessment

Plastic Surgery SC decided to have professionals reevaluate their technology stack. It hired CopperHill to do a complete assessment of Salesforce prior to signing a statement of work. After the initial assessment, CopperHill worked closely with Plastic Surgery SC to identify challenges, uncover requirements, share feedback, and design a re-implementation of Salesforce to meet its specific needs and goals. 

Streamlined Appointment Management

AppointivIn order to provide the best patient care, Plastic Surgery SC needed one tool to capture and share appropriate appointment details with all parties involved:

  • Concierge team members are the first line of support for prospects and patients. They answer questions, share information, coordinate schedules, and collect payment details. The Concierge team members are able to effectively and efficiently assign patients to available treatment coordinators using a Salesforce plug-in called Distribution Engine. CopperHill was able to connect Salesforce with Appointiv to simplify scheduling appointments with patients and Treatment Coordinators. Lastly, the team uses Linvio inside Salesforce to capture payment details and charge for services. Adding these plug-ins enhance the Salesforce platform and make it the only tool the Concierge team needs to support Plastic Surgery SC’s patients. 
  • Linvio LogoTreatment Coordinators develop treatment plans for prospective patients and patients, share quotes for services, and provide dedicated support for patients after procedures or services take place. They use Salesforce to manage each patient’s treatment plan, generate customized quotes to match, and send reminders about upcoming appointments.
  • Clinical Professionals will log calls and patient interactions as well as access calendars inside Salesforce. They occasionally generate quotes and modify treatment plans. 
  • Social Media Team manages Facebook content and interactions inside Salesforce. This is made possible through an integration CopperHill built between Salesforce and Facebook. Activity is automatically logged inside Salesforce to eliminate data silos. It paints a more complete, accurate picture of the number of interactions a prospect has with Plastic Surgery SC before and after becoming a patient. 
  • FacebookManagement uses Salesforce for accurate reporting, measuring ROI, sourcing leads, and forecasting revenue. 

Automated Quote Generation

Conga-logoSomething that used to be a manual, time intensive process for Plastic Surgery SC is now entirely automated: delivering quotes and contracts to patients.

CopperHill built a custom quote generator to meet Plastic Surgery SC’s needs to share prices with patients based on treatment plans, services, and products purchased. This quote generator can also segment prices by phases since treatments can be completed over an extended period of time. CopperHill also implemented Conga Composer and Conga Sign inside Salesforce. This helps Plastic Surgery SC deliver documents to patients and prospective patients nearly instantaneously after a treatment plan is set, and continue to move the process forward in a timely manner by accepting e-signature. 

Before the team had access to this quote generator with Conga, prices had to be calculated by hand for each individual, a template had to be manually updated with accurate details, and documents had to be delivered back to Plastic Surgery SC with a signature. Conga eliminates the manual steps to keep everything digital and streamlined.

Simplified Billing & Nurturing

QuickbooksPlastic Surgery SC’s quote generator with Conga saves time before a patient commits to a treatment plan. They were also able to simplify their billing process by using AIR Connector, CopperHill’s middleware tool powered by AWS, to share data across QuickBooks and Salesforce.

After a patient signs their personalized quote, Plastic Surgery SC’s Treatment Coordinator can “Accept” the quote in Salesforce to trigger an invoice to the Patient through Quickbooks. This is possible with the QuickBooks-Salesforce integration. As payments are made, information is pushed back to Salesforce on what has been received and what is still outstanding to help the Treatment Coordinators and Concierge Team manage Plastic Surgery SC patient payments directly from Salesforce. 

AIR Connect logoThis QuickBooks integration also automatically adds patients who purchased products on Plastic Surgery SC’s website to Salesforce campaigns. This means the patients are sent relevant content and information based on their past purchases, and Treatment Coordinators can follow up with appropriate services to match their purchases.

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