Customer Story: Singota enhances customer service with Salesforce and ERP integration

Company Name: Singota Solutions Singota Solutions logo
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Headquarters: Bloomington, IN
Products Purchased: Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, ERP Integration

Singota Solutions is a contract development and manufacturing organization focused on helping clients in the pharmaceutical, animal health, and biotechnology industries move their products through the drug development pipeline faster by being agile, accountable, and transparent. Singota’s key services include formulation development, analytical testing, aseptic manufacturing, labeling and kitting, and supply chain management.

They signed on to purchase Salesforce and work with CopperHill to streamline customer requests, improve data sharing and transparency across Salesforce and their ERP, and to promote the Singota brand across materials.

Better Data Transparency and Synchronization

Salesforce LogoBecause Singota services a highly regulated industry, one of the first things CopperHill did inside Salesforce was turn on field history and tracking. This offers transparency and provides an audit trail.

Singota’s business operations are largely driven by information stored in its ERP system. Client Services, Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, Procurement, and Finance teams all require insight into accurate customer inventory levels and other data points in its ERP.

CopperHill configured Salesforce and built a custom APEX component to bring real-time ERP data into their Salesforce without actually moving the data outside of Singota’s ERP. This creative solution provides more visibility into the ERP data and eliminates the need for Singota employees to leave Salesforce, log into the ERP, and to flip back to Salesforce to continue servicing their customers. It also keeps both Salesforce and Singota’s ERP running optimally since no extra data is clogging up either system or counting against data limits.

Upgrading Customer Service Requests

Before implementing Salesforce, Singota was working off an old, legacy technology platform to process service requests from customers. The design was outdated and the electronic system behaved almost like a paper form, with long single page views, scrolling, and a lot more fields on the page than are required for the customer’s request. There was no automation or task assignment to service these requests – each new request needed attention before routing it to the right place. It also lacked Singota Solutions branding.

CopperHill configured Service Cloud and Experience Cloud so the Singota team can offer its customers a Singota-branded portal to submit their own requests. The self-service portal requires a username and password to ensure security, and all the pages are filtered to show only relevant information to the customer, based on what they purchased from Singota and what type of request they are submitting. This portal also gives the customer transparency to see open and past requests, a streamlined way to communicate with the Singota customer service team, as well as a real-time look into their inventory inside Singota’s ERP.

Automated Task Assignment

As a customer completes a request, a series of behind-the-scenes automations guide Singota’s customers to answer prompts and provide all required information for the Singota team to respond to the request. New customer requests are created as cases in Salesforce, and a series of Flows move the request through the Singota processes, routing and reassigning to the right teams when appropriate. This guarantees Singota’s processes are followed and customer requests are completed in a timely manner.

The Singota team worked closely with CopperHill to define these processes and describe which groups and users need to populate specific fields and at what point in the process. Each team is able to work more efficiently because each screen only shows the team members what needs to be completed. It eliminates the clutter and passes the task to the next group when the request is ready for the next stage.

CopperHill configured additional automations for Singota’s Salesforce, including email alerts for task assignments, status and stage updates, and requests for more information to customers if the Singota team needs more detail to close the case.

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