Customer Story: Verbal Beginnings is positioned to leverage technology and data for growth

After re-implementing Salesforce, Verbal Beginnings is better positioned to leverage its technology and data for growth.Verbal Beginnings Logo

Company Name: Verbal Beginnings
Industry: Healthcare/Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Providers & Patient Care
Headquarters: Columbia, MD
Products PurchasedSalesforce Re-implementation, Customization, and Integration Advisory

Transforming Salesforce for Enhanced Patient Care:

In a bid to elevate their patient care capabilities, Verbal Beginnings, a provider of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), sought to re-align their Salesforce infrastructure. Verbal Beginnings was an existing Salesforce user, however their initial implementation fell short in supporting their rapid growth.


Recognizing the opportunity to optimize their platform, the Verbal Beginnings team collaborated closely with CopperHill Consulting. With an understanding of Verbal Beginnings’ operational challenges and aspirations, CopperHill undertook a comprehensive re-implementation strategy, introducing tailored solutions to address critical pain points:

  • Customized data model. Verbal Beginning’s data structure didn’t align with the standard data model in Health Cloud. CopperHill broke out Leads and Patient Intakes as separate objects. This enabled a Verbal Beginnings patient to enter its intake process more than one time without overwriting existing data in Salesforce. Customizing the data model allows the Verbal Beginnings’ team to see a complete picture of the patient’s history with their programs and helps them to provide better care to their patients.
  • Enabled person accounts. Verbal Beginnings’ Salesforce was set up using Household instead of Person Accounts. Enabling person accounts prevents patient records being duplicated in their Salesforce, improving the quality of their data for patient care and reporting.
  • Enhanced page layouts. The Verbal Beginnings team shared what information was relevant on patient and intake pages, and what could be hidden or moved down to lower on the pages. CopperHill made these enhancements across multiple objects inside Salesforce.
  • Corrected Flows. Flows would break or data would be lost during patient intakes. CopperHill worked with the Verbal Beginnings team to understand processes, gather requirements, and correctly build out flows and automations to accurately capture data and keep the Verbal Beginnings team working efficiently.
  • Integrated CentralReach EHR. By sharing demographic and operational information captured in Salesforce directly with CentralReach, the Verbal Beginnings team eliminated duplicate data entry and ensured accuracy in both systems. You can read more about the Salesforce-CentralReach integration here.

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Beyond re-implementation CopperHill meticulously cleaned and structured Verbal Beginnings’ existing data, setting the stage for streamlined operations and improved data-driven decision-making.

The collaborative effort empowered Verbal Beginnings to harness Salesforce’s full potential, fostering a more efficient and patient-centric approach to their therapy programs.

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