Customer Story: Salesforce enhances Pine Park Health’s data-driven primary care model

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Company Name: Pine Park Health
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Primary Care
Headquarters: Oakland, CA
Products Purchased: Salesforce Sales Cloud, CopperHill Flextime

Salesforce enhances Pine Park Health’s data-driven primary care model through:

  • A simplified onboarding process
  • Streamlined, secured data collection & storage
  • Advanced analytics
  • Visibility into community partners and patients, velocity, lead conversion, and engagement

Pine Park Health brings doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals right into senior living communities to provide residents better, more convenient primary care. They partner directly with each community to establish a physical presence inside the building that best fit the needs of aging populations.

A Data-Driven Business Model

Pine Park Health identifies senior living communities in need of medical care and establishes relationships with administrators to build an on-site partnership. Run primarily as real estate businesses, communities appreciate how Pine Park’s providers improve health outcomes for residents through prevention and screening, chronic care management, mental wellbeing check-ins, urgent care, testing, and lab work. 

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Once a partnership is set up, Pine Park’s team gets to know the new community’s staff members, residents, and families, introduces services, and enrolls new patients. To implement this, they use Salesforce to collect data, securely store it, and run advanced analytics, simplifying the onboarding process.

Before implementing Salesforce, Pine Park Health relied on Google sheets to capture and evaluate data. Salesforce’s powerful reporting platform now gives the organization much more visibility and insight into their community partners and patients, including velocity, lead conversion, and engagement that wasn’t previously available.

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