CopperHill welcomes Ramon Washington as a Solution Architect

CopperHill welcomes Ramon Washington as a Solution Architect

Ramon WashingtonCopperHill is excited to welcome Ramon Washington as a Solution Architect. He will be working with our customers and building solutions that meet their unique needs. Ramon brings an extensive understanding of Salesforce, consulting, project management, and Healthcare / Life Sciences companies with him in his new role. 

“Ramon’s experience and skillset is a perfect fit for our growing Delivery team. We continue to be impressed by his ability to design solutions and make happy customers,” says Andrew Vose, CEO and Co-Founder of CopperHill.

Prior to joining CopperHill, Ramon worked for both extremely large and small companies across the U.S., interacting with all different types of teams and individuals. This helped shape who he is as a consultant, and gives Ramon the ability to better understand the perspectives of his clients.

Ramon preferred the close-knit, collaborative environment he found more frequently in the smaller organizations. When a recruiter approached him with the position at CopperHill, Ramon was intrigued by the opportunity to work at a company where he could make an immediate impact, advance his career, and take on more responsibilities and challenges, while still maintaining an optimal work-life balance. 

“I enjoyed my conversations with the team throughout my interview process. I understood right away that the employees at CopperHill work hard and play hard. We connected on shared values and the importance of collaboration, sharing knowledge, and continuing education” Ramon explains.

Ramon could clearly see the vision of Andrew’s and the CopperHill leadership team unfolding. Their focus on Healthcare / Life Sciences, their evolution into products that support and enhance the Salesforce platform, and their commitment to developing relationships with both customers and partners gave Ramon the confidence that CopperHill is a solid company with longevity. 

Outside of work, Ramon likes to spend time with family, friends, and attend social events. He lives in Gwinnett County, GA, with his wife and daughter. Ramon is a member of his local Citizen’s Academy where he is training to become an ambassador to the community. He connects with county leaders, service providers, business ministries, and local schools to encourage others to take advantage of all their local communities have to offer. Ramon also enjoys being outdoors, listening to live music, going for walks or hikes, and riding bikes with his daughter.

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