Customer Story: Sage Neuroscience uses Salesforce to improve patient intake and referral management

Sage Neuroscience Center logoCompany: Sage Neuroscience Center
: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment
Headquarters: New Mexico, USA
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud

Sage Neuroscience Center provides services for addiction, behavioral health, medication management & primary care for residents of New Mexico. They collaborate with local communities and insurance companies to offer affordable, accessible healthcare.

Improved Patient Intake Process

Salesforce Health Cloud gives Sage a streamlined way to onboard patients. An individual seeking out Sage’s services can fill out a form on Sage’s website, and, upon submission, the patient intake process automatically begins. CopperHill also configured Web-To-Case forms to capture internal patient referrals that kick off Sage’s intake process.

The streamlined process includes:

  1. Verify patient’s insurance
  2. Identify services needed
  3. Schedule intake call and patient interview
  4. Recommend any follow up treatment/services

Using Salesforce for patient intake reduces manual tasks and ensures all required steps are followed in the right order. It also easily matches existing and previous patients to past treatments or services, offering a better understanding of their patients and therefore enabling them to provide better care. Another added benefit: it eliminates the creation of duplicate patient records.


Lastly, CopperHill built validation rules to help the Sage team match patients with providers within the patients’ insurance network. It allows the Sage team to recommend providers offering the treatments or services covered by their insurance. This supports Sage’s mission of providing affordable care.

Better Referral Management

Because Sage has such a collaborative business model, referrals are an important factor. They needed a way to track referrals on two different levels: new Sage clinic patients being referred by healthcare providers, and Sage referring existing patients to healthcare providers.

Implementing Salesforce Health Cloud gives Sage a robust way to manage and report on referrals – something that used to be a manual and time-intensive process. Now, the team can measure outreach effectiveness, track important engagement metrics, and identify opportunities for growth.

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