Customer Story: Nutritional Supplement provider supports scalable growth with Salesforce and Integrations


Nutritional Supplement provider supports scalable growth with Salesforce and Integrations

Company Type: Nutrition and Dietary Supplement Provider Supplements image
Executive Sponsor: CEO & Founder
Headquarters: New Jersey, USA
Products Purchased: Salesforce Sales Cloud, CopperHill AIR Connector, Conga Composer and Sign, Linvio
Project Goals: Increase user adoption of Salesforce. Standardize lead management and account onboarding. Streamline wholesale order process. Simplify customer invoicing. 

Our customer (Nutritional Supplements) manufactures and distributes high quality supplements and nutrition products to support various health and wellness goals.  It started as a small operation, but quickly met high demand that tested and stretched the limits of the Nutritional Supplements team. Leadership knew the future success of Nutritional Supplements depended on meeting this moment. They understood the need for a digital transformation to enable Nutritional Supplements’ employees to work more efficiently and meet the demands of its exponentially growing customer base.  

Nutritional Supplements purchased Salesforce, but the team knew there were more opportunities to eliminate manual tasks and rely more heavily on the platform for administrative processes. They partnered with CopperHill to implement and customize Salesforce for optimal results and scalable growth.

Increase User Adoption

Salesforce LogoAfter its initial Salesforce implementation, few Nutritional Supplements employees were reaping the benefits of using Salesforce. The team still relied heavily on paper notes and disparate technologies. CopperHill worked with Nutritional Supplements’ Sales Management to better understand the sales team’s needs to optimize Salesforce functionality and adoption. 

This resulted in truly defined and developed processes put in place. CopperHill was able to configure, customize, and integrate Nutritional Supplements’ other technologies with Salesforce to support day-to-day activities, forecast sales, and manage pipeline. 

Standardize Lead Management and Account Onboarding

Prior to implementing Salesforce, Nutritional Supplements’ team did not have a consistent or standard way of tracking lead and contact activities. Most of the team relied on tasks in Outlook and paper documentation.

Nutritional Supplements and CopperHill first defined processes and approval steps. CopperHill then leveraged standard Salesforce functionality to build triggers and automate lead routing. Next, Nutritional Supplements needs contracts and signatures when it is time to convert that lead to a customer account. CopperHill set up management approval automations for new accounts. After they are approved by Management, Sales is notified that the new customer is ready to receive the necessary documents for signature and further account onboarding. Conga-logo

Adding Conga to Salesforce was another significant point of value for the Nutritional Supplements sales team. They can send requests for information to contacts and leads with just the click of a button. Upon completion of the Conga forms, details are automatically updated right inside Salesforce. This saves the Nutritional Supplements team time and eliminates the need to manually capture and input the newly gathered data. The electronic signature capabilities of Conga also eliminate a lot of the paperwork Nutritional Supplements relied on before implementing Salesforce to convert prospects to customers. The team can work more efficiently and better support customer growth.

Streamline Wholesale Order Process

Nutritional Supplements uses an ERP to place orders, forecast sales, and manage inventory levels. It is critical to their business, but it is old technology without mobile capabilities. Nutritional Supplements wanted to take the sales activities – mainly placing and processing orders – that happen through the ERP and move them to Salesforce. 

Before Salesforce, Nutritional Supplements sales representatives could not place an order on their own. They had to call a Nutritional Supplements customer service representative to acquire management approval and place the order in the ERP on sales’ behalf. 

Salesforce isn’t built to process orders, but it has an intuitive user interface, mobile capabilities, and flexible platform features are ideal for sales teams. To boost Salesforce’s functionality, CopperHill integrated Salesforce with the ERP using CopperHill’s own middleware tool, AIR Connector. The team built custom product components, flows, and automations. Discounting is applied automatically in Salesforce based on rules set by management. These enable Nutritional Supplements’ sales team to efficiently place orders directly from the Salesforce and its mobile app. 

Now, the team has much more autonomy over the order placement. They can initiate orders themselves, get necessary approvals, discounts, and confirmation by management all from inside Salesforce. This saves time across the Sales and Customer Service teams, speeds up order shipment for customers, and offers transparency into the order’s fulfillment status. 

In addition to integrating Salesforce and the ERP to simplify order placement, CopperHill built an extensive integration with the ERP for processing and shipping orders from Nutritional Supplements’ warehouse. This integration pulls in product data and inventory levels into Salesforce, as well as where they exist in the warehouse or in an employee’s trunk stock. It gives sales the option to place whatever order is easiest: using the inventory on hand in trunk stock, or if they need to reserve warehouse inventory and ship the required quantity to the customer. They also have the ability to see which items are out of stock, when they will be available for shipment, and place items on backorder. 

Upon placing the order through Salesforce, the ERP’s inventory levels are updated to remove the quantity needed for the new order, and those new inventory quantities are updated automatically inside Salesforce. Additionally, if a customer’s order is returned, that quantity is added back to inventory and available in Salesforce to fulfill new orders. Zenkraft logo

Lastly, CopperHill integrated Zenkraft with Salesforce to automatically print shipping labels based on contact and account data for order delivery. After orders are placed, approved, and fulfilled, Zenkraft prints packaging slips for seamless delivery through UPS. UPS tracking numbers, shipment details, and estimated delivery dates are then added to the order record in Salesforce for better visibility into order fulfillment.

Simplify Customer Invoicing

Linvio Logo

Nutritional Supplements collects payment details before placing the order with the ERP with a Salesforce plug-in called Linvio. Inside Salesforce, they create an order for the account, select the products and their quantities for purchase, and then collect payment details through Linvio. Once the order is placed, approved, and sent to the ERP for fulfillment, the customer is automatically invoiced through Conga and payment is completed through Linvio. 

Since Linvio is accessed through Salesforce, the sales team can collect payment without leaving Salesforce. 

Pricing and discounting are also managed entirely inside Salesforce through the use of Price Books, pricing tiers, automations, and flows. These guarantee customers are getting the most accurate and discounted pricing for their orders.

A Better Experience

Nutritional Supplements and CopperHill understood the complexity of this project and took every necessary detail to ensure its success. 

Sales and Customer Service are working more efficiently inside Salesforce. Activity is captured, orders are placed, customers are invoiced, and product is delivered. Information is seamlessly and securely shared across Salesforce, Conga, Linvio, the ERP, and Zenkraft through CopperHill’s integration work. Processes are defined and adhered to through automations and flows. Management gains visibility and forecasting capabilities with Salesforce reports. 

Please contact us if you have any questions related to our integration or Salesforce solutions.