Customer Story: Salesforce Brings Digital Transformation to AltheaDx

Company Name: AltheaDxAltheaDx-Logo
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Segment: Medical Technology
Executive Sponsor: CEO
: San Diego, CA
Products Purchased: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Computer Telephony Integration
Project Goals: Centralize contact details. Track orders. Manage support cases. Leverage automations.

AltheaDx provides diagnostic testing kits to clinicians and physicians to help them prescribe treatments. The company purchased Salesforce to help them centralize contact details, track orders, and manage support cases.

Centralized Contact Details & Order Tracking

AltheaDx contracts with clinicians and physicians to sell its testing kits. Before implementing Salesforce, the AltheaDx team did not have an up-to-date and single consolidated system to capture and store contact information.  Now, they have one centralized location to access their contact details. Salesforce eliminates the data silos and possible inaccuracies that came up when each team member managed their own contact lists.

Salesforce Logo

CopperHill enabled person accounts so AltheaDx can track order quantities and delivery locations placed by its physician or clinician customers. This offers an extra level of transparency. They have full insight into that individual’s purchase history – not just a roll up of their affiliated practices or hospitals – right inside Salesforce.  This information was previously only accessible through AltheaDx’s LIMS system or on paper receipts. With Salesforce in place, AltheaDx is now more streamlined to be able to generate reports to easily monitor the quantity and location of orders being placed.

Manage Support Cases

Occasionally, AltheaDx had duplicate support cases being automatically created through its computer telephony system. This could misrepresent the number of open cases and create additional work for the AltheaDx support team to determine how to sort new cases from existing ones. CopperHill set up the CTI with Salesforce to auto-log calls on records. Native Salesforce functionality has checks in place to flag duplicates and keep AltheaDx’s case list clean.

CopperHill also created Web-to-Case forms for clinicians and physicians to request help from the AltheaDx team. All the case details are captured in Salesforce, and the same duplication checks are in place to update existing cases or open new ones.

Leverage the Power of Automation

AltheaDx was excited to leverage the automations available in Salesforce to keep its team working efficiently. CopperHill enabled several Web-to-Lead forms to capture information requests from potential patients, physicians, and businesses. These are assigned to team members so each request for more information is granted and none are left unanswered.

Additionally, CopperHill developed custom flows to make managing practice and clinic details in Salesforce easy. AltheaDx wants to capture the family practice and clinic information associated with its physician and clinician customers. When a salesperson at AltheaDx creates a new account, they are prompted to choose between associating that individual with an existing practice/clinic, or to create a new one in Salesforce. If they choose to create a new one, all the details on that individual’s record are copied and a new business account is created automatically. This eliminates the duplicate process of manually associating and creating business accounts when a new contact is created.

Looking Ahead

AltheaDx recognizes the power of the Salesforce platform and is looking forward to making enhancements to its instance in the future. These include adding an integration with its LIMS system, an inventory and shipment tracking application, and document generation application.

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