Customer Story: Labs & Diagnostics Company gains insights and effectiveness with Salesforce

Industry: Healthcare / Life SciencesLabs-and-diagnostics-company
Segment: Lab & Diagnostics
Sub-Industry: Lab Services
Headquarters: New Jersey, USA
Products Purchased: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Pardot, CopperHill Flextime, Conga Sign

Our Customer is a blood testing laboratory that specializes in routine clinical testing, toxicology, and genetics. Before purchasing Salesforce, This Labs & Diagnostics Company (L&DC) had no CRM or enterprise-wide technology platform in place to track sales, manage marketing, or provide data transparency across the different divisions. Reports were manually generated by the IT team and required significant effort. Putting something in place was essential to keep up with and support their rapid growth.

Salesforce enforced the need for processes

Salesforce LogoL&DC knew it could take advantage of the powerful automations available with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, and Conga Sign. This would save time, reduce manual efforts, as well as ensure key information is being captured.

To leverage the automations, L&DC had to define processes. CopperHill worked closely with the team to understand all the steps taken and variations across sales, account onboarding, and marketing. This discovery and implementation brought about true, defined processes within the different divisions.

CopperHill was able to build workflows and automations inside Salesforce, Pardot, and Conga to ensure L&DC’s employees follow these newly defined processes. These keep the teams on track, working more efficiently, and they greatly decrease the risk of error.

A Single Source of Truth

L&DC’s sales team members relied on their own spreadsheets and paper notes to manage pipelines and track opportunities. Marketing at L&DC was in a similar position: they had no technology to efficiently capture leads, nurture prospects, measure engagement, or report on campaign effectiveness. These silos made it nearly impossible for management to report on and monitor its different divisions.

With Salesforce, L&DC employees are working inside the same system using the same tools. Consistent data capture is enforced through prompts, required fields, and automations. Marketing information is synced with Salesforce, triggering follow up from Sales and sharing campaign activities.

L&DC now has a platform in place that is built to scale with the growth of the company. Bringing Sales and Marketing data together inside Salesforce gives Management at L&DC the capability to run reports and gain insights on sales and marketing effectiveness without needing to involve IT. Accessing all their data inside Salesforce enables L&DC to track opportunities, forecast sales, and measure ROI.

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